Support Needed for 24/7 Vigil at City Hall

June 23, 2012

Occupy Portland’s Vigil outside of City Hall has been ongoing all day, all week now for over half a year.  If you have any time during the day or night, the Vigil is always a good place to stop by, have some coffee and chat.  Right now the Vigil is looking for more volunteers to assist with outreach and strengthening community norms at the site.  If you don’t have any time, please consider a financial donation to help maintain upkeep of the Vigil.  Right now, the donations will be used to assure continued volunteer participation at the site, increased laundry service of blankets and clothing, support for an Occupy Portland member of Food Not Bombs who regularly serves 50 people vegetarian donated meals on Tuesdays, continued broadcasts of Vigil TV, the building of an Info Cart for OPDX, among other incidentals.

Last Sunday, the General Assembly approved Occupy Portland’s Sisters in Strength to provide oversight of all donations collected.  A donate link for the Vigil has also been added to the left sidebar of

The 24/7 Vigil on the steps of Portland City Hall calls for the following:

We call on people of conscience and people of all faiths and creeds to join us in a collective prayer that the Portland City Council immediately suspend the ban on camping.

This ban is unconstitutional, and enforcement of it puts our community at risk by criminalizing people’s attempts to find shelter from the cold.

Shelter is a human right!  End the ban Now!

For more information:
Donation Page