The physical presence of Occupy Portland is an important psychological presence as well. In our hearts and minds our relationship to Camp was that of a place of connections, information distribution, and unity. Without this prominently visible stronghold, everyone is asking, “What’s next?” The simple answer to that is – a diversity of tactics. One will certainly be a physical location for Occupy. We ask that our allies around Portland contact us at info(at) with suggestions.

If you have a space to offer, please contact osborn.david.a(at)

Thank you for your continued support, Portland!

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  1. pL bL on September 28, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    3PM Saturday, October 1st-Music and Marching Band Organizing meeting
    Where: Burnside Skate Park

    We are organizing a marching ensemble and instrument making workshop to provide instruments to people at the march. Please see other posts under “Music and Marching Band Sub-Committee” for more details.

  2. Russ Ranard on September 28, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Condoleezza Rice will be the keynote speaker at The Simon Benson Awards at the Oregon Convention Center on October 19 from 6 to 9 PM. Shouldn’t we rally to protest her visit to our town?

    • occupyportland on September 28, 2011 at 8:28 pm

      This movement is about the people making change and productive dialogue, not protesting a politician. Where would that get us?

      • Su Bruce on October 2, 2011 at 12:54 pm

        Condi and cohorts are major players in the rise of the aristocracy. I’d like to remind people that no-one has yet been held to account for the immense fraud that has been perpetuated on the American people.

    • Su Bruce on October 2, 2011 at 12:49 pm

      I will be there protesting Condi’s presence courtesy of PSU, my employer.

  3. indigomamma on September 28, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Having trouble posting to the medical discussion

    • occupyportland on September 28, 2011 at 10:23 pm

      Did you try turning it off and on again? :P We will look into it right away. Also keep in mind that comments are moderating, so they are posted only as fast as we can press “approve”.

  4. Ashley on September 29, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    I’m so excited for this to happen! I hope I can get out of work!

  5. kjwaves84 on September 29, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    So we are to, if possible, bring any items that may help in making “sound” to the gathering on the 1st for the March on the 6th? … and if not able to make it to the skate park for this I assume we are encouraged to bring any instruments for the rally?

    • pL bL on September 30, 2011 at 6:19 pm

      kjwaves84- Yes. We are having a general organizing meeting to discuss how we can best support the occupation as well as an instrument making workshop to be able to hand out extra instruments on the 6th. You may bring pre-made instruments to our organizing meeting as well because we are going to do some group cohesion exercises. Any further questions:

  6. May on September 29, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Just so you know, myself and another are putting some flyers around the Vancouver and Battle Ground, WA area to help spread the word and raise awareness.

  7. Katrina on September 29, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    Also, one thing I want to do, (This is Katrina Wolfgang from Facebook) is, well two I guess. One will be ongoing throughout the protest itself and beforehand, where I take photos of individuals who are the 99% and ask them for their name, why they’re there, and what they want out of it. I have a Tumblr set up that I will use for it and will be posting it excessively, and I have friends that are going to promote it too.

    The second thing is more connected to it, I am making friendship bracelets with yarn. I’m just going to braid red white and black together, but I could use some help, so if anyone wants to meet up over the weekend and next week in the afternoons send me a message at !! :)

    • Jess on October 1, 2011 at 7:59 pm

      Hey Katrina – I would love to help with the bracelets. I’m free Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings. At the very least, it’d be cool to see what you’re doing and then I could help you on my own (make a bunch of bracelets when I have time between now and Thursday) and bring them to the occupation.
      Also, the tumbler account with photos/blurbs about the 99% sounds really great. Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. Nefi69 on September 29, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Will be good if we could meet one day or two before in the waterfront park just for one last checking of the area.

  9. sftree on September 30, 2011 at 12:54 am

    Does anyone know if Vancouver (USA) is having any related activity?

    • occupyportland on September 30, 2011 at 2:12 am

      Not that I know of… a good place to find out is:
      They’re sort of a hub for keeping track of all the cities.

  10. Andrew on September 30, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    How long will the meeting tonight be because I would love to make it tonight but I would likely be late to the meeting.

  11. Andrew on September 30, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    I’m curious of the legal issues between state law and federal law. I’m positive that federal law trumps state law, so when it comes to not being allowed protest on the sidewalk unless you are moving. Are we the people allowed to protest on public property as well as not having to follow that particular state law

    • Andy Nacrelli on October 3, 2011 at 10:53 pm

      Has a permit not been requested? If not, why not?

      • OccupyPDXwes on October 3, 2011 at 11:40 pm

        A permit has not been requested, mostly due to lack of consensus. It would also compromise the idea of an occupation, and most of us are fully aware of the consequences it would pose.

  12. elNuevoMiguel on September 30, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    We just got to PDX from up west of Olympia for tonight’s GA, so excited! Update on the park: in general looks like any average Fri afternoon. No visible police presence, 1 city of pdx park maint. person in a truck, lots of pedestrians/bikers/skaters enjoying the waterfront.

    The only thing out of place is the grass to the south of the fountain is fenced off. I wonder when the city put that up? Still plenty of room for a crowd from the pavillion & north. See you there!

  13. law of attraction tips on September 30, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any manner you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

  14. Jake Lee on October 1, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Does anyone want to road trip to New York after October 6th? email me at

  15. HeatherC on October 2, 2011 at 2:41 am

    Is there another GA meeting Tuesday night at 7pm? I saw suggestion of it on fb.

    • chelsea on October 2, 2011 at 1:14 pm

      Yes, I believe there is one at 7pm Tuesday at the Waterfront, same place as last Friday.

      • OccupyPDXwes on October 2, 2011 at 5:21 pm

        That’s correct. 7:00 PM, Tuesday the 4th

    • DevinR on October 2, 2011 at 3:07 pm

      “#OccupyPortland General Assembly Tuesday October 4th 7PM in Waterfront Park across from where Ankeny intersects Naito.”

  16. Greg on October 2, 2011 at 11:17 am

    WOHOOOOO guys. Im loving this. Just letting you know that I am a student Down at Oregon State University, and I will be going around and posting some very well made flyers/posters today. Get in touch with me if there is any type of official organization going on in my neighborhood. Thanks and good luck all!

  17. carol on October 2, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    is your group reaching out to people of color? I just happened to find a flyer at laundromat. my neighborhoodis predominately white and haven’t heard anything about this from the indigenous community. thanks

    • OccupyPDXwes on October 2, 2011 at 5:25 pm

      Everybody, (race, creed, nationality) are part of the 99%. Grab some flyers and start posting them around your community! That, or word of mouth :)

  18. Lynn on October 3, 2011 at 12:59 am

    I have a general concern that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere else.

    Unlike New York City, San Francisco and certain other cities, Portland does not have a “financial district” or any other concentrated area of business interests. Portland’s downtown core is comprised of both large and small businesses, many of whom are not the “1%.” Many of Portland’s citizens — including, notably, it’s less affluent — ride TriMet and MAX, which use the center of town — and, notably, Pioneer Courthouse Square — for transfers. Just this past week, a plea was again raised for TriMet to increase the time for transfers because of difficulties many riders have in reaching their destination before their transfers expire. Similarly, a great deal of the vehicle traffic downtown isn’t the 1%, either, and those drivers shouldn’t be delayed in their errands (the costs of which — financial and otherwise) can be significant. I have seen nothing here addressing how the Occupy group intends NOT to disrupt the legitimate downtown business of the 99%.

    On another note, I read with considerable interest the entire thread having to do with whether or not the group will be obtaining a permit. There seemed to be a great deal of confusion about “consensus.” I offer the following (from our good friends at Wikipedia), which is consistent with my longtime understanding of the term, and would suggest that this “definition” be applied to the G.A. (assuming that by consensus is, in fact, how this group will operate):

    “Consensus decision-making is a group decision making process that seeks not only the agreement of most participants but also the resolution or mitigation of minority objections. Consensus is defined by Merriam-Webster as, first, general agreement, and second, group solidarity of belief or sentiment. It has its origin in a Latin word meaning, literally, ‘feel together.’ It is used to describe both general agreement and the process of getting to such agreement. Consensus decision-making is thus concerned primarily with that process. Consensus should not be confused with unanimity.”

    Also, I have not yet committed to being a part of this group because it is not yet clear to me what it intends to achieve. Yes, I’m part of the 99% and I’m not happy about the increasing division of power and wealth in this country but, thus far, all I have seen from the various Occupy movements is indignation (however righteous) and protest; nothing about specifically what is expected to be changed, and how that change is to be effected. We can’t seriously think that the 1% is simply going to say, “Oh, gee, my bad, let me write you a check!”

    Looking forward to substantive (not reactionary, please — that benefits no one) responses. Thanks.

    • OccupyPDXwes on October 4, 2011 at 12:05 am

      We do indeed have a financial district. It’s situated around SW 5th avenue and SW Madison. Most of the buildings surrounding City Hall are big businesses (banks, insurance companies, stock traders).

    • Kenny on October 4, 2011 at 9:17 am

      Excellent points, Lynn, that deserve a thoughtful response.

    • Agent420 on October 4, 2011 at 9:49 am

      Do you realize that the whole point of the protest is to disrupt the financial interests in town. If they are not inconvenienced by our actions, they can ignore them.
      Personally, I recommend that people bring smokey torches and shiny pitchforks, or lighters and regular forks if you cannot find the real thing.

      Grow more weed!

    • jmedic on October 4, 2011 at 12:39 pm

      If one is looking to target a financial institution in the Portland area, check out the Portland Business Alliance–an elite-run association of large and some small Portland area businesses, which has engineered the Portland Patrol, Clean and Safe, Sit/Lie Ordinances, and many other examples of criminalization of the poor and houseless. Over and over they have come down on the wrong side of issues of class, race, access, and equity. PBA is Portland’s Wall Street, if anything is.

    • Fubar on October 4, 2011 at 3:05 pm

      Just to note, I was on a bus the other night that was giving out free all-day all-zone transfers in celebration of the new transfer policies.

      Solidarity feels awesome. :)

    • Ben on October 4, 2011 at 3:13 pm

      Lynn, great points. Our protest should be conducted with respect for businesses, neighbors and commuters. And in a consensus model, points that are of importance to a minority of members (for example, permits) should not be thrown by the wayside. On that note, I’d like to say that it is certainly possible for some of us to apply for a permit, and for others to not apply for a permit, and those people who would like to protest within the confines of the permit rules can do so, and those who would like to protest outside of those confines can do so, and we can all respect each others’ choices.

    • Xplo on October 5, 2011 at 9:15 am

      Lynn –

      If you were running a company that was looking to expand by building a new store, would you hold off on getting the plans drawn up, buying the land, and applying for any needed permits until after you decided what color the employee area should be painted?

      The first step to taking our country back isn’t drafting new legislation or identifying specific policy goals; it’s building support for the common goal of wresting control of our government and economy back from the 1%. If we don’t rally the support of the American public, then it doesn’t matter what we ask for, because we won’t get it. Once that’s accomplished, then the American people can begin the work of figuring out the details.

      A number of people have said “I don’t want to support this until I know what it is.” Well, you already know what it is, and if you’re worried about what it will eventually turn into, the answer is to get involved. If you sit on the sidelines playing “wait and see”, all it means is that the rest of us have to struggle that much harder to beat the 1% and your opinion won’t be heard.

      • race_to_the_bottom on October 5, 2011 at 11:25 pm

        Xplo has it right.

        Taking control back from the 1% will require the combined efforts of tens of millions. We all have our own personal agendas we would like to include, but this is where political dicipline and maturity come in. It has to be learned by everyone. We absolutely must stay away from politically divisive social issues. We don’t have the luxury of promoting the usual list of progressive/liberal issues. We will need to work with culturally conservative people who are being screwed by the system and may have gravitated to the Tea Party. We will have to drive wedges into the Tea Party movement, which shouldn’t be too hard if we emphasize issues like jobs, ending forclosures, canceling student loan debt, and getting big money out of politics.

    • Steve E on October 6, 2011 at 9:26 am

      As a 65 yr old veteran and survivor of the VietNam war, may I speak my piece. That war would have never ended were it not for the popular protests that grew louder, larger and more angry. The protests were not organized precisely w/ clear goals and civilized methods. Resistance to The War was all you could do– there was no way to get into the political decision process with any impact. A few congressmen had the courage to speak out (Morse and Hatfield, both from Oregon), but the military congressional industrial complex– The War Machine– was untouchable. Yes, the protests got out of control. In fact, there were riots in 1968 across the US that were big and ugly and very destructive. The causes were many, but severe poverty, high unemployment and a complete lack of opportunity were major causes. What evolved was: the only way to communicate with the decision makers was protest, which became raising hell. Does this not sound like what’s happening today?!

      Please: OUR efforts must be peaceful, non-violent and legal. What happens with others after that is not something that we can control. The peaceful Protest must happen. As General and President Eisenhower said, fear the “military congressional industrial complex”.
      Wall Street, the Congress and the Department of Defense have the money the weapons and the decision making process secured and will never voluntarily give it up.

  19. KB Mercer on October 3, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    I would like to connect with food committee to provide a big pot of vegetarian chili and corn muffins at some point during the occupation, please pass them my info.

    • OccupyPDXwes on October 3, 2011 at 11:56 pm

      Will do :) Can you email with your contact info as well?

  20. Jake Lee on October 3, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Let’s call for a National Boycott of Fox News and other Corporate media stations for their blatant and obvious ignoring, slander tactics, and one sided political views. They have always skewed the real news in their own favor. Let’s promote REAL news in this country. We spread the word for independent News providers such as The Young Turks and RT News.

    • race_to_the_bottom on October 5, 2011 at 10:56 pm

      The Young Turks and RT,absolutely.

      Let’s not forget The Real News,

      We should demand that the media serve the people. We should be indignant that Fox News is actually allowed to operate a propaganda ministry and call it news. We should popularize the idea that it should be shut down, even though we can’t do it.

  21. Jack Livingston on October 4, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    We have available guest bedroom for two – shower, bed, some food and morning coffee. Only out-of-towners please that have legit need.

  22. a person on October 4, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    we are the change. we care about each other and you. end the corporate exploitation of people.

  23. a person on October 4, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    We are the change. We care about each other and you. End the corporate exploitation of people. We are not here to demand to be given a free ride, we’re here to ask to be given a fair chance to empower ourselves to succeed. You know, it’s a falsehood that ‘all men are created equal.’ We all have varying levels of ability. Society should provide the leveling of the playing field to help us become equal. We concede this is not something that will be achieved; such ideals should never be taken to the literal extreme, only striven toward. But in the striving, we will find our humanity and our compassion for our fellow beings. Because, for all it’s worth, we need more compassion.

  24. Katrina C on October 5, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    I’d like to see some information about the gentrification that’s happening around Portland. Broken promises from development commissions and planners to make “mixed-use” neighborhoods only to place boutique furniture stores with $900 chairs being advertised. I went to apply for one of these “new development” apartment complexes….it was $1400/mo for a one bedroom. That is not affordable housing.

    I understand Portland is an example for planning and redevelopment, but alot of the diverse population (who are most of the people being displaced due to income — but that’s another story and long history of discrimination) is being pushed out to the suburbs and/or other shotty neighborhoods. Redevelopment is not just about building buildings to raise surrounding property value…it’s about development of the community within and catering to their needs, not pushing them out for a profit. :(

    Occupy Portland should be a vehicle to address these issues.

  25. Kikilouie on October 5, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    I read the Oregonian article about your ‘planned’ protest before coming to your website. I feel really sad that your protest is going to have a negative affect on your ‘organization’ since you are going to disrupt the lives of 99% of the working population by not letting us know where you’ll be protesting. I think this will make you look like Tea Party nut jobs – which you don’t appear to be. I agree with what you’re doing, but not how you’re doing it. You’re going to push away the people that would have supported you because by not caring about interfering with our lives you’re acting like you are better than the rest of us. Which is exactly what politicians do.

  26. Quinn on October 5, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    It is sad that it took this economy drop for people to realize that they are being taken advantage of. Of course human minds are not totally objective and have to ponder things like our existence coming out of nothing paired with the needs of the body and mind in this escapism filled future now. Human idealism is also so very chaotic in origin and especially political alignment is due to this dynamic. The second most people get a solid job, the last thing they want is revolution, as we all live in a constantly protean movement of people being born, consuming, wanting to by dry, warm, needing a vacation. That we all have been residents of a monstrous Empire is beyond the pale.
    I have heard that in all our nifty tech there are rare metals found in conflict zones such as Africa, and I am pretty sure that if there was a silent vote over whether we should or should not do without zip fast wi fi linking us to the font of everything…that vote would support the continued suffering of people in those conflict zones… and I am as guilty as anyone.

  27. research essay paper on October 6, 2011 at 2:15 am

    I’m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

  28. Anne Hosler on October 6, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Trying to find out where and when we can help with providing food for the protesters. We are not able to participate in the march but very qualified to help feed those that do.

    • OccupyPDXloki on October 6, 2011 at 12:34 pm

      Please see the link under “Occupier Needs” in the top menu, or on the sidebar.

  29. AmericanPyrate on October 6, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    We are living in a pivital moment in history. A moment where the incorrect decisions of our government will have grave consequences on our rights, freedoms and liberties as a people and as a country. What America needs is a voice. And as an American citizen I declare:

    We the people of the United States of America, in accordance with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, declare the causes that impel us into separation. That to these ends the institution of the Government of the United States has forgotten its true purpose, and has lost the consent of the governed. It has become destructive to such ends by knowingly passing laws that infringe on the constitutional rights of the people.

    The high court instituted to insure the rights of the people has become corrupted from its true principles. It has allowed the atrocities of the administration to warp the text that binds our freedom and rights as a people for their own political purpose.

    The Patriot Act of Congress which was signed into law by President George W. Bush October 26, 2001, permitted the executive branch of government to conduct surveillance and searches of American citizens without satisfying the probable cause requirements of the Fourth Amendment. In an effort to enforce the unconstitutional law the U.S. attorney asked the courts to give it an interpretation that would deprive the article of the constitution any real meaning. This has been seen as a common practice by the last several administrations.
    Congress, as stated by Congressmen Jim McDermott and John Conyers Jr. has become accustom to passing bills without fully reading and disclosing their contents. This is a dereliction of duty and an act of tyranny against the American people by a careless Congress.

    The Obama Healthcare Bill passed into law by Congress, was ruled unconstitutional by Federal Judge Roger Vinson who declared the entire act void. It raised very important issues regarding the Constitutional role of the Federal Government and to the extent of the powers actually granted.

    We declare that the purpose of the Federal Government is to serve the people of the United States of America as instituted among them. When in the course of events the people begin to fear their government through such acts of carelessness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

    In every stage of these bills the American people and media voiced their objection. Our repeated objections where met with no action and downplayed by members of congress and the President of the United States.

    We, therefore, the American People as representatives and the true power of the United States, so do declare that if the government of the United States continues its current practices against the will of the people and the Constitution of the United States it ought to be totally dissolved, and as free people institute a new reliable government to serve the people and remember its purpose.

    Facebook: “People Vs U.S. Government”

  30. Alex Verbeck on October 6, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    I’m a criminal defense attorney in Portland and I wanted to contribute some advice for people who are arrested by the police. The experience can be terrifying, and unfortunately the right thing to do is not always obvious.

    If you are arrested:

    1. Stop talking. A police officer who has arrested you is not going to let you go because you explain the situation to him or her some more. The officer believes you have committed a crime, and anything you say may be evidence. Take a few deep breaths before moving on to the next steps.
    2. Say “I do not consent to a search.” You are going to be searched anyway, but your attorney may be able to get any evidence from the search suppressed if you clearly did not consent to the search. Do not physically resist a search; this is very dangerous, and also a crime.
    3. Say, multiple times if necessary, “I want a lawyer.” This should cause the police to stop questioning you, but even if it doesn’t, your answer to any question should be “I want a lawyer.”
    4. Stop talking. If you are taken into custody, do not discuss the alleged crime with anyone other than your attorney. Do not talk to cellmates, processing officials, and do not share details with friends or family members over jail telephones. Those phone calls are recorded and admissible as evidence. Your attorney will contact family members, and will work to get you out of custody as soon as possible.

    Also remember that you won’t get to keep your phone, so having a phone number written on you is not a bad idea. Try to stay safe; you can’t protest tomorrow if you get a concussion today.

    Good luck out there.

  31. letty on October 6, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    would love to my photos from today’s event; what email address shall i use, who do i address.



  32. Aubren B. Schneider on October 7, 2011 at 9:42 am

    PROGRESS will be made in the minds of the men around you when their fear is addressed.

    I mean they will not join a cause of peace and harmony and oneness for fear of war and mayhem!

    And isnt that the way the media always attempts to portray these things?

    Survival, Safety, Needs… these are the reasons your brothers will not join in your cause. They believe an attempt at peace requires the loss of these things.

    They intimately know it is their cause as well but, in the name of the aforementioned, they blind themselves with argument against what WE ALL really want.

    They do it because they are afraid.

    The character of movements based in truth are being assasinated because they defend themselves against what is not true.

    The truth need no defense! It is the only thing that is real!

    The rest is a smoke screen that can be brought down through” MASS REALIZATION”.

    There is no fight! There is NO FIGHT!

    There is only what is true.

    What is not true fights to keep TRUTH hidden.

    What men fear is the “show of force”, “restoration of order”, fines, imprisonment, war, that go along with their attempts at justice.

    They fear their bodies being attacked by those they call their leaders in the name of the above mentioned.

    There is NOTHING that opposses truth IN TRUTH and they Corp, Gov, Media know this.

    We perceive them as being “HUGE”, but they are us.

    We perceive them as being “POWERFUL”, but they are us.

    We perceive them as being our “REPRESENTATIVES”, but they are us.

    They are what they have led us to believe.

    Right now we believe they are “THEM” against us, and what we believe in we support.

    Their purpose is what they have led us to believe our purpose is.

    You will see the support you actually have if you question the people about what they truly believe these entities are for.

    Aren’t people already convinced they are not what they say they are?

    The only thing left is fear.



    Understand the only thing that is true for each individual is their perception which is based on their beliefs.

    You cannot fight a persons perception which is something these CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENTS, AND MEDIA KNOW!!!

    So they manipulate YOU and THEM.

    They maintain separation not unification! They maintain conflict and confusion.

    Isn’t that apparent to all who look upon these entities?

    And don’t you know something or someone by its EFFECTS?

    The TRUTH is being hidden leaving us blind to it.

    What they cannot fight is the FACT that the perceptions of men and their beliefs can be unified by A changing OF their beliefs!

    This is why the character assasination exisits. LET NO ONE ENTER THESE GROUPS WHO IS CALLING FOR PUNISHMENT!

    Who is going to join a peaceful movement that in their perception is “a violent protest”!

    The way to unify men is to rid them of fear so that they can see past it.

    Isn’t that what the media, governments, and corporations TRY TO CONVINCE YOU OF? They make people feel safe, take care of their needs, make sure they survive.

    Make life easier!

    Then why are they “THEM” and why is there “FEAR” in association?

    The people need to recognize what they fear is not really true and therefore has NO EFFECT on them.

    Meaning they are safe, will survive, and their needs will be met.

    In their current perception my statement is not true.

    Think for one moment about what all this would look like if no one had any fear or thought of violence or defense period.

    Think for a moment about a “MASS REALIZATION”.

    All things that are brought into the earth by man are ideas first.

    We built this and we can peacefully agree to “DECIDE” to change our minds.

    Without fear I guarantee EVERYONE IN AMERICA would come out of the wood work asking for some sort of “TRUE CHANGE”.

    Join with your brother and let him know there is no reason to fear.

    Go to your fellow man NOT the street and let him know there is no reason to fear.

    So, repost in every city you can and let all those who are coming out of the wood work asking for justice to know they must be peace, and truth.

    If there is anyone who has the “eyes to see” and the “ears to hear” the bead of absolute truth flowing through my statement “RID MANKIND OF FEAR AND PEACE WILL AUTOMATICALLY COME”.


    Amazing Grace All.

  33. Alex on October 7, 2011 at 9:56 am

    I was marching yesterday, with all due enthusiasm. I’m worried that
    this movement will fizzle out. I think that there needs to be a bit
    more of a solid direction if this is to be a lasting movement.
    Occupation is great and makes a statement. But meanwhile is there some
    kind of committee coming up with ideas on how to move forward with
    this and put our ideal into reality? If so, I’d like to be a part of
    or observe, or get into contact with them Thanks

  34. Aubren B. Schneider on October 7, 2011 at 10:38 am

    I would like to suggest the movements theme song be Amazing Gace. Let the TRUTH be unleashed upon what does not exist in TRUTH.

  35. [...] outrage at our Federal government’s failure to regulate corporate power. Please consider donating to this cause if you cannot be an “occupier” yourself.  They need and deserve our assistance.Related [...]

  36. Charity on October 8, 2011 at 12:31 am

    Yesterday my employers forced me to take a day off of work because they couldn’t afford to pay me, so I marched! Today I went to work and was laid off, because they couldn’t afford to pay me. This is the second time this has happened to me this year! I am outraged! I will join you again tomorrow! I truely believe in the work that is being done here! The march on Thursday really inspired me and woke me up! I love you all! The beauty that I witnessed was beyond compare. These are the birthing of a revolution! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  38. Deangelo Rowels on October 8, 2011 at 10:57 am

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  49. Rick Rinehart on October 16, 2011 at 9:18 am

    These are copies of some letters I sent to various politicians over the last several years. Please read them. It will give you some insight into what we as Americans need to make our country a better place to live and enjoy freedom.

    Thank You,

    Rick Rinehart

    Hello President Obama. Here is the reason why bankers get and will continue to get big bonuses.

    We bought a house in April 2009 and this April will be one year. I pay $869.63 every month at a supposed interest rate of 4.75% …. Please bear with me. A 30 year fixed is what we have on our mortgage. I am married.

    It is a rip off and that is where all the money is coming from to go to banks and that is why no Americans’ with property ownership of less than 10 years really do not have any real amount of equity as pure leverage in a liquid state that can be borrowed against in times of hardship.

    Let me explain further please. My mortgage schedule payment sheet

    (mortgage amortization schedule of payments ) that we got at closing last april which shows all 30 years of each payment allocation to interest and to principal ; it shows the corrupt magic of deception of the banks when they loan money for mortgages.

    The house cost $133,000. The total interest which is mostly paid up front in the first ten years of ownership and still onward until pay off at 30 years is almost equal the cost = $120,000( all interest mostly collected in the first half of the 30 year ownership) … And most people nowadays only own their home on average for about 7 years. It’s all interest to the banks and when the house sells again to the next smuck, the mortgage clock starts all over at day one for them (new owners) and no one really is buying down and accomplishing equity or ownership. The only winner is the bank. They are making all interest and no one is winning. Sure some are, more so in past years gone buy. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! IT’S ALL GOING TO BANK BONUSES!! MAKE LAWS TO SPREAD OUT THE INTEREST PAYMENTS EQUALLY OVER EACH AND EVERY MONTHLY PAYMENT FOR THE ENTIRE 30 YEAR MORTGAGE SO THE HOME OWNER CAN ACTUALLY BUILD WEALTH IN THE FIRST TEN YEARS. Make the banks take less in the first ten years and more towards the end of the 30 year fixed mortgage. This will surely stop banks from selling mortgages and make them hang on to the notes themselves and it will STOP THE ENDLESS FREE MONEY STREAM FROM BEING TAKEN FROM THE PEOPLE AND BEING PAID OUT IN BONUSES TO BANKERS!! GET IT NOW???? THE BANKS ARE ROBBING AMERICANS OF THIER EQUITY

    Thank You Sincerely,

    Richard G. Rinehart Jr.

    Spokane, Wa.


    1. Stop torpedo patens that block out everyone else’s ability and opportunity to get patens. Investigate and shut down wholesale paten grabbing. Investigate who is sponsoring and advocating torpedo type patens and bar them out from the paten process for life. Stop the process of having to have a business process paten for the operation of a business process that is just another unique idea. Unique business processes should not be a patentable thing; they are what built this countries economy in our founding and sustained years of growth. Get a grip; stop the paten sabotage of the American people. Investigate who is behind jamming up the paten processes. Go to the third and forth level questioning. Just do not take the first answers at face value. Dig deep.

    2. Lawyers and presidents should be barred from holding office unless they are 100% disconnected from private law firm and disbarred from the bar association which is sponsored by the judicial Brach of our government. Lawyers can not be officers of the court and swear their first allegiants to the judicial (court) branch of our government and then swear their allegiants to fellow attorneys and then third to their clients. Lawyer’s first allegiants is to their client and that should be it with no allegiants to the court and no allegiants to fellow attorneys. Read the “oath of office” and review the process of how an attorney becomes a bar member and able to practice law. An example is the state of Pennsylvania where attorneys out of law school must be recommended nominated from another bar member attorney and then said attorney must go before a judge in a closed door hearing to be sworn into the bar association to be able to practice laws in that county and state. The oath to office is outlined in the Cannon laws of Pennsylvania which are laws which are still followed. Now imagine lawyers working in the legislative and executive branch of our government . It is a violation of the breach of powers doctrine which clearly facilitates advances the interest of special interest groups who may just be subverting our constitutionality.

    3. Stop credit reporting agencies from reporting medical bills on credit reports. Every American has the right to health care for themselves and their families without being destroyed financially. You people do not get it though. I have said this time and time again. When a person or family has been stripped from their ability to be a “CONSUMER” as we are called now a days; because their credit score impedes them from having purchasing power even if they have disposable income then, they can not by durable goods that are manufactured in America. The credit reporting agencies are stifling the ability of Americans to excerpt their full potential as a consumer to purchase goods and services because of medical bills. USA is a country where the only way out of becoming a consumer prisoner to the financial system is to file bankruptcy when the outrages prices for medical care will ruin a persons life , hopes, dreams, inspirations, faith , and ect… You get the point? Medical care is over priced and it is ruining our country.

    4. Stop basing car insurance rates and credit scores. This should go without saying anything. This tactic of insurance companies is an out right strong arm scandal against the American people; mostly the poor and middle class who have unpaid medical bills that will and can not ever be paid off because of the outrages cost of medical care.

    5. Tie the voting for our president and political elections to our yearly tax forms. If you work in America, you have to prove residency. Well proving residency when getting a job does no good for anyone because illegal immigrants can still work and pay taxes. So why not align the voting in this country with the time of year when taxes are due. Look, put the election ballots right on the 1040 forms and make it a law to vote or a 50 dollar fine right on the tax forms…. Get it, if you do not vote, then you get 50 dollars less in your return or you pay 50 dollars more if you owe taxes.

    6. Stop the electoral vote and go back to the real vote by the people.

    7. Legalize marijuana and put a federal tax on it. The original paper that the constitution of America was written on is hemp paper. Was it George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin that had Hemp plantations that were worked by slave labor? You know why some early political founding for fathers grew and manufacture hemp? Well here is some reasons. Hemp has some of the highest oil content of plants. This oil can be used as bio fuel for cars and lamps, water proofing fabrics, and used in all other methods that edible oils can be used. Hemp is a high fiber plant. It can and was made into rope, cloths, paper, baskets, and any other use that has a high fiber requirement. Why do you think marijuana plantations stopped being grown? It was because of the smoking of it was not completely understood back then as it is now understood in today’s world as having medical benefits and not having the addictive qualities as previously thought. Nobody steps up from smoking marijuana to hard more illicit drugs unless the opportunity from some drug dealer gives the person the more illicit drugs. The marijuana industry, yes industry, is thriving and always has and always will. So, why not make some jobs out of this multi billion dollar industry and tax it. More and more people in all walks of life are using some form of marijuana . My wife and I recently visited Canada on a day trip to the wine tasting country and we decided to visit a near by head shop that sells marijuana type accessories just to see what actually was in a shop like that. We were very surprised to see hand bags that were of very good quality that were sold there that were made out of hemp. They were called obviously – hemp handbags. I , in my investigative analytic mind immediately wanted to read the tag to see where this bag was made. Yes you are right if you were thinking it was made in some foreign country. These bags are being made in some oversees countries and marketed in Canada and the United States . And people are buying them. That is jobs. Jobs that America could be providing and manufacturing that this country needs.

    8. Jobs and manufacturing is what this country needs. But the idea of being the nice guy country in the world trade arena is not going to do nothing but destroy any hope this country has ever had of being a free country were the people can enjoy a free state of living. The USA can not sit back and keep thinking that we can survive on being a service provider economy. Look, I am telling you to open your mind and think about this issue. How can we pay for services now that most Americans can not even pay for durable good??? How can we pay for services with money we , in a ghostly fashion, produce from the very services that we are paying for. Some people are idiots for thinking we can keep signing trade agreements to help the rest of the world and still keep this country afloat. We can not give up our manufacturing base and ability. This country needs to loosen the paten process for Americans who live and work here and ,not for foreign interest, so alternative energy methods such as HHO gas and others can produce jobs. We can not survive on being a service industry country. Why do you think that old saying of “ beating your weapons into plow shares “ made sense in the industrial era? Because we need to make things to be the source of manufacturing. Hey, if you think China is going to grow at 5,6,and 7 percent GDP each year and build its economy up like America did in the past and then let it fall then, you need to wake up! China will correct the mistakes that America did not and they will stay on top of the world economy and eventually own America more than it does now. The American government is not fooling everyone here. We as a country have been put into and positioned in the world economic markets so we fail and then we will be overthrown by China calling on its debt and coming into our country and requiring the USA to give our lands and people to China or who ever else we owe money to. They are not going to let us slide on the debt. But this debt is not the everyday Americans’ debt. This debt is the debt of the Federal government. And the Federal government is a corporation entrusted with administrating the protection of our lands and people. The United States government is supposed to be working for the american people. Or, maybe its time to “Throw off” the united state federal government as stated in the constitution as an “inherit right of the people” because the federal government of the United States has failed the American people. Look, I am an American who is seeing my country and my freedoms falling apart right before my eyes. You people should do some real serious forward thinking about the state of the union and our future. Do not trust China or any other country for that matter. America is hated around the world because we stand for freedom. The true imperialist are our enemies. The terrorist who want to overthrow America are the real imperialists. The Opec oil nations are the real imperialist. China is the real imperialists. The American people just want freedom without old England tyranny. If you are reading this paper then, you have a responsibility to act and investigate these things. Go to the third and forth level questioning. Just do not take the first answers at face value. Dig deep. This country of America is so great because the people are for the people and not for the control of the people by a government or any other people. This is America and we are Americans. At this time ,day, and age, this country can not be overthrown with force because too many Americans have guns in their homes and are willing and able to use them. Americans do not take shit from people who encroach on their freedoms, family, and belongings. But, this country is and can be overthrown in its current state by economical terrorism. Do you think china is just making economical decisions just on a whim and prayer and is sitting back to see what happens. NO they are not doing that. They are very calculating and have been in manufacturing for thousands of years. They know exactly what they are doing. They got us by the balls , so to speak and they know it. And now, many Americans are realizing that fact . But the Federal government is refusing to anything about it. Where do you by your Christmas decorations from??? Where are a lot of American flags made at…. Yes In china…. That should be outlawed! You see, china has figured it out already; they know that they must conquer the world manufacturing and then they have all the machines , infrastructure, manpower, and intelligents to make all the durable goods and other machines that the rest of the world needs. China is nice now because they still need to study us to accomplish their goals. But they will not be nice to us in the years to come because they will have figured out that we need them in every aspect of our lives. And at that point, China will dictating to the american people everything in our lives. Our freedom and America and what we stood for will be over at that point. Then will come the forced labor camps that china will put the American people to work in to produce the products for the world and America included. Why do I say this? Because we owe them trillions of dollars and the more they inflate their currency with the decline of our currency value the more the American trade deficit increases with china and the more positioned china is to conquering America through economical terrorism. The American dream of being a service industry job sustaining country is just a dream in fact. The real American dream is gone and no longer attainable.

    9. Mortgages and banks are ripping off the American people by front loading interest rates and loans. Well by a home at 30 year fixed rate of 4.75% on $135,000 and then sit and look at selling it after 10 years and tell me that it was really a 4.75% interest that you paid on the loan for 10 years. It is more like 200 to 500 percent. And to boot, you would build little equity, or in other terms- wealth, that could be used to help sustain the total wealth of the American people. The banks are ripping us off with the help of the Federal government by allowing them to front load the interest on mortgages and then have the audacity to talk mumbo jumbo talk to try to convince the american people that they are really getting a 4.75 on a 30 year fixed. That is only if the home is kept for the entire 30 year loan. People can not keep a loan for the entire loan period now a days because of career changes do to the stripping of the value of the dollar and less manufacturing and less jobs in america; let alone the banks over loaning to people knowing that the very same people are getting in way over their heads and can not afford a $200,000 home with and income that can only support a $75,000 dollar home. So, who is ripping who off here folks. The interest rates must be spread out equally each month over the entire length of the mortgage loan for 15 or 30 years so people can start having wealth.

    10. I’m so discussed right now that I have to stop writing because you people will not do anything but keep running this country in the ground. Oh yeah, I forgot. Do you think the people of Mexico, china, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Japan are going to keep working for 50 cents or a dollar per hour so all the manufacturing will stay in their country??? NOT when the people of these countries get our manufacturing in their country; the very same people will demand higher wages and they will get them because it is their homelands that our manufacturing in being conducted in and it is their blood relatives who are controlling the commerce laws within those countries and those people will and currently running their wages up . Why is that? Because they want a better way of life for themselves and their families like America has had in the past. Manufactures will be paying more in foreign countries to operate then they ever paid in America. Shit, get this; Hershey’s Chocolate even went to Mexico. Very true! I am from Pennsylvania where the Hershey Chocolate factory and amusement park have been a part of life there for decades. Another thing; I personally never agreed with decreasing my standard of living to benefit people of a foreign country because of NAFTA or any other trade agreements which are failing overall in light of the smaller beneficial outcomes which are far adverse for the cost of the investment. Get it now? The return on the investment for that whole idea of saving the world and other countries’ people are not true attainable goals unless we as foolish Americans really want to voluntarily put ourselves into slavery for the sake of foreign countries. You know, old foolish Ross Perot really was a visionary that should have been taken more seriously. Ok, then just sit back and savor the moments that are in front of you in the country and watch and see what you put your child and grandchild and great grandchild through by giving away our freedoms, jobs, economy, and land to all the countries in the world. These other countries do not care about the people of America. They want what we have and built over the course of 500 years that they were not able to build over thousands of years for themselves. This country needs to act now to secure our future. Those trade agreements that got us into this mess should have been on a trial bases for a predetermined period of time and have a re-evaluation time to cancel them and or adjust them to Americas’ favor. Any person, who makes decisions of economical terrorism that affects the Americans lives adversely, should be held accountable and imprisoned as treason against the constitution and the flag. I guess I did not stop writing now, did I. Well I am now. So,

    Thank you for your time

    Time is Money

    We do not have time to waste here in these matters

    Our very existence and freedom depends on you

    Take the time to secure our Money and Freedoms

    Thank you again

    Richard G. Rinehart Jr.



    It has been a while since I last wrote. My wife and i just returned from a two week home visit to the state of Pennsylvania. It was very interesting still, what i find in that state and how that state still oppresses the middle to lower classes.

    Congrats on your Nobel !! Stay focused and on line with what the people really need. I would suggest that you have your advisers push every state in the United States to pass laws to give the people ” right to initiatives” just like Washington state has. It is a process in the Washington state law that allows the gathering of 400,000 +- signatures from the citizens throughout the state on a subject of interest of the people and then the state has a special ballot or waits for the scheduled ballot and puts the issues to vote in front of the people. If the people pass the initiative by vote then it becomes law. In the state of Pennsylvania , especially in Lycoming County Judicial system, there are very harsh tactics that are adverse and unusual compared to other areas of the state. It seems that nepotism and the old favorites game still exist there and there is an unbalance of justice there. That state really needs an overhaul.

    Anyways, Thank you for a good job and do not let the the Gaft and Nafta, Treaties passed years ago, stop our industries from returning to the USA if they want to return and gear up the Plants in Steel town. Remember one thing Barack, It is going to be real hard for the steel, textile, electronics, lumber, auto, and ect… industries to bring back the Knowledge to produce the products here in our country once those industries have been gone for so long into other countries. Go to Pittsburgh and ask how many teenagers if they work in the mill with thier Grand dad and father . Thank about this …. The USA may have a hard time recouping the Knowledge to manufacture goods in this country if those manufacturing processes are in other countries … When we export industries and jobs, we are also exporting the Knowledge base to produce those products here in our country. Remeber the saying after the great wars of ” beating the weapons into plowshares?” The USA should be very careful that we do NOT loose the ability and trade experience and craftmanship to even produce what we are continually being forced to rely on other countries to produce for us. Nafta and gaft were not designed to be a all out cart blance of stripping the USA of our ability to produce. Nafta and Gaft were in place as only a balancing mechanism to allow some competition of less industrialised nations. “The last thing the USa should do , so to speak, is have our knowledge base and ability to produce stripped away from the American people under the guise of fareness when you and i both know that the world is not a fare place and you can bet that the rest of the world is rising up and the other countries of the world are not going to play fare. We as a country can play fare still but also play for our best interest!!. I learned a long time ago that i can be of great value with my skills and i can feed my family and contribute to society with the fruits of my labors. But, when I trained others to do what I do, sometimes and more than not, I let my livelyhood escape from me and took a loss in the pants because I created to much of my own competition. The USA is being fooling in thinking that we can be powerfull enough to support our own people if we outsource all or much of our production base and sit back and believe that by some magical way or reason that there will be some country come to our rescue when we are in dire need !!! Heck we already own China billions if not trillions. What is wrong with that picture ??? Nobody truly cares for the USA but the USA and its people. We must not ignore this fact and also reallize that when wars go on around the world and the USA is called on to fight, we , the USA, pay the most money and lives but that process is NO garrantee that the USA is securing protection arrangements with other contries around the world when we , the USA , comes to a point when we need dire help. We must hold on to our Knowledge base and not be the only country that pays the most into the UN …….. and stop selling out our jobs through Nafta and Gaft treaties. We as a nation must act to secure our country for at least SEVEN generations from here foward. Them Chinese are not stupid people. They lay in wait for generations to achieve what is best for thier country.

    Well must close for now.

    Rick Rinehart


    Copy of email sent to Letter to Max Baucus D- Montana on 10-12-09, who made the Health care reform bill. What makes you even think for one stinking minute that the American people , especially the working poor and working poor middleclass , can even pay any such increases in medical care premiums at all ?? Or, for that matter even pay any such fines for not being able to pay increased premiums or premiums at all for any health care coverage. I will be sending this email to President Obama and every USA citizen i can to let them know that your Bill stinks and it is only going to rake us Americans over the coals and force us to pay more money that we do not even have in the first place. Your Bill will be forcing a real revolution in this country because it is imposing a debtors penalty which in clearly deemed unconstitutional and i will be one of the first to file a class action suit against the federal government. You can not be serious or you are way out of touch or you are getting paid by insurance lobbyist to make a health insurance bill that will require Americans to pay even more for health insurance when we are broke now!!! Wake up. I will be sending a copy of this email out to people to let them know that i in fact addressed this issue with you Sir !!

    Thank you Kindly for your understanding of the real needs of the American people!!

    CC: Mrs. Pelosi, DNC, President Obama, Washington State Democrats, USA citizens and peoples,


    Post from

    Rick Rinehart’s Blog:

    Some interesting things to think about

    Rick from Spokane, WA – Jan 28th, 2009 at 10:43 pm EST

    Comments | Mail to a Friend | Report Objectionable Content

    January 17, 2009


    Please forward the following information to all the people you can. This is not one of those please forward email letters. This is an economical evaluation of what is wrong in our countries economy with some solutions and changes that will in fact help us all!!

    The current economic situation in America is very grave and dangerous. Our coming in administration got elected on the premise of providing the American people with a “CHANGE AND A NEW DIRECTION “ . So, we are going to hold this new administration to be responsible and accountable for what the American people want and need to be done to sustain our freedoms and rights to life, liberty, and happiness.

    I am writing you today with common concerns from millions of Americans. We are the working struggling middle income to poor working people in this great country. We are the group of people who purchase a vast majority of the goods and services that keep our United States economy moving along.

    There are some things being overlooked by our governments at the State and Federal levels when developing economic recovery programs, stimulus, packages, and handouts. Call it what you may. Let me just start and not take up your precious time as elected paid public officials working for the people of this great country.

    Everyone knows that the first 350 +- million some dollars given to the banks was a grave mistake to some extent with no laws forcing the banks to make that money “working capital” to be put into the hands of the people who need it to work for them as individuals and to be spent into our economy. The banks took our free money and have sent it partially out of the country, in bank pockets as bonuses, in accounts to shore up the banks own mistakes, or in some cases are just sitting on it to wait and see what happens from here on to our economy as they make more interest on the money, off the backs of the working class, as we keep working and feeling the most harm from this economy to our own families. The banks know that the American people do not have purchasing power any longer and that is why the banks are not letting the people borrow the bailout money.. The real problem is within the credit reporting system of the credit bureaus, they are economic terrorist against America and its people. Please Please read all this letter and think about what is written here please because it is true and just do not investigate the agencies involved here on the surface,, ask 2nd and 3rd level questions that will lead you to the truth!! ‘ Follow the money trail and you will find the truth”

    Our economy has got greater over the 1990’s period because people have had “PURCHASING POWER”! – Because the banks and mortgage companies gave people the ability to purchase on a larger amount and scale in real estate properties. The lesson learned from the failed bank and mortgage lending was not a bad one but a good one! The lesson to emulate and reproduce and follow is “BASIC“. Listen and read carefully as I quote


    Here’s a thought — since the American people are the ones who assume the risk of how the banking, investment companies, and government spend our investment dollars, make the American people the beneficiaries in any situation that goes bad with our money and make the banking, investment companies, and governments pay the american people a monthly premium with a direct deposit check into our bank accounts (Like other government and interest checks). Why not pay the people like we pay? If a bank, investment firm, or government program goes bad then cash is paid out to the people and the responsible parties are made to live penny less without the ability to have any “PURCHASING POWER” like most of the rest of the american people when all we are trying to do is pursue “life, liberty, and happiness” OR, is this not a constitutional right any longer?? Lets make it so anyone involved with any financial break down of a bank, investment firm, government, or any person who allows and lets our money get lost , lets hold them accountable by putting the amount on their credit report!!!!!

    Lets put the first 350 million dollars +- on the credit report of the the politicians and banking people who have not spent in the right manner to help the American economy!!! Hey why not live like the rest of us?

    Making our economy grow from a failed method of mortgage lending and corrupt investment officials was definitely bad but there is good to be learned here fokes. Let’s learn from the mistakes and correct them at the causes and not treat the symptoms. Lets understand why banks notices that even people with things on their credit report were allowed to borrow money and in many cases many are and still will be a good investment and are still paying off their mortgages and still holding on to their properties because they have been given ‘PURCHASING POWER” and realize it!

    Solutions to our economic crisis are as follows. Think about it! Try it! It will work!

    Instead of letting banks take higher risk with sub prime mortgages, Have the Federal and Sate governments make laws that put the purchasing power into the hands of the people.

    A. Interest rate caps on credit card usage and debt!! (3% maximum takes it or leave it! In other words, make laws that make credit card companies can only ever charge a 3% maximum for any interest on their cards without out any other fees. All fee, even the annual membership fees have to be included within the 3% Check out Chase credit cards.. They continuously offer o % to 2.99 % on credit card special offers with all those paper checks they send out with the monthly paper credit card bill that we receive in the mail so, they must be able to be making money at 2.99 %!! What a scam!! With an 80 to 100 dollar a year membership fee!!

    B. Car insurance premiums and monthly payments based on credit report rating!! Another scam! How is it that my car insurance premiums are based on my credit report when the only thing on my credit report are medical bill co payments and the other 20 to 30 percent that the medical insurance will not pay that I can not afford. We’ll get into that aspect with medical insurance in a little bit. We can understand that if I drive like a maniac and have tickets and accidents on my driving record that I may be a at risk driving. I guess it is ok then to be the worst driver in the world, with good credit, with many fines, tickets, and drive very risky with a piece of crap mechanically unsound car but, if I have good credit I can get a loan to buy another car that runs faster and more able to mow people down and cause more damage. But if I am a very good driver with no tickets, accidents, and drive a mechanically sound car but my credit is not the best rating because of hospital bills then, I am just going to pay higher insurance premiums and will not be able to buy a more sound car even when I have a good job, good driving record, and no criminal history. Go figure… what another scam for the insurance companies to take more of our money.

    Also, stop car insurance companies from increasing my car insurance rates just because there is someone living in my house that is 16 years old or older with or without a driver’s license that is not even driving my car. I ask several car insurance companies why they do this. The answers I got are “because there just may be a possibility that that person when living in my home might drive my car without my permission and get into an accident” I ask then , what if they do not have a license to drive and are living in my home? The answer I got was “that if they are of legal age to drive, they need to be on the policy. Call around to about 100 or so insurance companies and check it out for yourself. Now think here a minute. How many accidents and deaths each year are caused by people of driving age who live with other people who own cars? I guess it is a wide spread problem that is running ramped in the lives of every parent in this country?? I doubt it because I do not ever hear about it. Sure it may happen in some cases. Some but not all. Let the parenting and responsibility up to the car owners whop drives their cars. Or here’s a solution,… make uninsured motorized coverage also cover not just someone else on the street who may hit you when they are driving without insurance but, also make it cover in the “UNLIKELY “event the person who lives with you and is of driving age and just hops into your car without your knowledge and gets into an accident!! Another no brainer here but another scam on the people which is taking “PURCHASING POWER” away from the people. Make uninsured motorized cover this situation also.

    C. Stop de-rating my credit report even when I do not have bad debt and only doing a free credit check online or are just shopping for the interest on a loan or even renting an apartment to live in. Yes it is true! When ever you rent a place to live nowadays, you fill out a rental application and a credit check is done. When you shop around to buy a new car the first thing that is done is a credit check. When getting qualified for a mortgage, the first thing done is a credit check. When trying to respond to all the credit card offers sent in the mail and email, the first thing done is a credit check. Well, every time a credit check is done on your credit, your score is affected.

    D. Credit reporting — wow what a trip Why is there a lien on my credit report for child support when I have been paying support for many many years and not ever in arrears??? Answer me this? This is another “long arm” process that is affecting “PURCHASING POWER” in this country. The banking, investment industries, and government are not controlling, running, regulating the “PURCHASING POWER” and “ABILITY” to purchase good and services in our country. It is the credit reporting bureaus that are controlling our economy. And the credit bureaus are private institutions. How about the federal government take over the credit bureaus and regulate them so they can not unjustly effect million and millions of Americans “ABILITY TO HAVE PURCHASING POWER”!!

    E. Instead of our government treating the symptoms and not the causes, our government should not be paying the banks; the government would be better off paying off the credit bureaus 50 cents on the dollar to clear off Americans credit reports. Think about it. If you have a hospital bill on your credit report and you call the credit reporting agency and haggle with them and make a deal to pay them off at 50 cents on the dollar, they will take it and you can even ask them to send to a pay off letter before you pay them and stating the deal and then another after you pay them that says the balance was paid in full. These 50 cents on the dollar is not 50 cents on the dollar with added interest. The amount of interest that has been tact onto the bad debt is wiped off the top and forgiven and the 50 cents on the dollar is applied to the principal debt. The remaining 50 cents on the dollar paid to the credit bureaus is split between the hospital bill and the credit agency on their agreement. Our government should do this instead of sending out a 900 dollar stimulus check, send out a 900 dollar 50 cent on the dollar check to the credit bureaus that will pay down 1800 dollar in debt that will instill more “PURCHASING POWER” in the hands of the people to get property, cars, goods, and services. But, can the Government even trust the credit bureaus to do a 50 cent or less on the dollar wipe out of debt and still clear it off the individual Americans’ credit report?? Some oversight is needed. Not complicated though!

    F. Ok, now another way I recently found out that the federal government is screwing us Americans. It is with the FAFSA grant forms that most every student fills out to get college grant money. Most of the students who need this grant money come from homes that are middle working class to poor working class to the poor. Well when filling out my own sons form last week, I realized that it is set up to stop these groups of people from getting the aid and it is set up for the more wealthier class to get the college grant money.

    How is that you are wondering??? Well I am going to tell right now. That FAFSA form for college grant money has to be filled out and submitted by the dead line date of February 1st of each year and it is all based on the income tax filling of the previous years income tax return. Well think for a minute when your W-2 forms are mailed to most working class people….. January 31st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See what them —-’’’’’’@@@ FN politicians have done … The W-2 forms are held by most employers until January 31st and by law they do not have to mail them to you until them… Not all do this but most do and it makes it impossible to get college aid because you need to know the computed tax information on last years tax forms and it takes at least one to 7 days in the mail to get the W-2 forms which put you past the February 1st deadline. What a sham….. Because the rich who own businesses and pay their taxes through their accountants at the beginning of the year and shelter their income and make it look like they need money for their kids to go to college are able to fill out the forms and have them submitted by February 1st. Yes it is very true that if a student plans on attending college in the fall of 2009 then the FAFSA form requires the tax information from the 2008 tax form completed in a 24 hour period and that period includes the time it takes the employers to mail out the W-2’s form. It is not based NOT on the the 2007 income tax returns…

    I hope you are getting the idea here. It works and it will work!!!!

    Look, creditors like hospitals write off debt every year and the government gives them some sort of tax break for the bad debt and you can surely bet that the creditors are writing off the full amount and reporting it on their tax reports and still collecting what portions they can from the credit bureaus when the credit bureaus are making deals with individuals like they do…. Come on you all know it is going on and it is called “DOUBLE DIPPING” and this is why the credit bureaus can stay in business and take 50 cents on the dollar or less and still pay a portion back to the hospitals or other creditors and it is a win win win. Now hospitals also inflate what is charged to medical insurance companies to cover the lost debt going into any medical service provided to the customer. Don’t believe me?? Do some research and ask what the cash price is for a procedure versus the insurance rate cost for the same procedure. !! Go ahead I’m sure you will find some that are the same, but you will find wide spread situations that charge more for the insurance billing being higher versus the cash price being lower….

    Stopping the medical industry from doing this and other similar things in other industries and making laws against these practices will be a step in the right direction.

    Well I have to go now and eat my breakfast. I hope you will understand that treating the causes of our economical crisis will be the “ONLY” way to put the “PURCHASING POWER” back into the hands of the American people and gives us back our “ABILITY” to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

    Richard Rinehart Jr.

    Thank You for reading my letters. Please understand and think about what they are saying and do some checking and investigating of the facts. Thank You.

    Rick Rinehart

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  60. Jonah73 on October 26, 2011 at 6:41 am

    Last night I took my 70 year old dad and two of his friends down to the camp and GA. They all were pretty representative of the folks that support the movement but are afraid the camp turns off the public. After touring the camp and watching the meeting, my Dad said he teared up a little. They all found it to be a profound experience and they walked saying “these people need to stay here”. They’re all writing letters to the Oregonian now to say they disagree with the Oregonian’s editorial calling for Occupiers to leave. They’re also all going back to their garages to see what they can bring from this list of needs. Since Occupy started the media (except Fox news of course) is talking about the issues that affect the 99% and not just what the Wall Street/DC elite have talked about for years. They’re actually talking about the issues that affect the 99% and how much the 1% has grown wealthier and all of our expense. You’ve already changed the world a little. We’re with you. Stay strong.

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  62. Oregon Grandmother on October 30, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    I support your movement and I am grateful for the work you are doing. Your movement will succeed, it is inevitable. It is preordained and destined to continue and in time you will prevail. Sir Isaac Newton said for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction; the movements around the world against Global Corporate Domination are merely an example of the law of cause and effect. I disagree with those who say that you need the media; the media and the banks, are the problem, not the solution. The media asks us to focus on what the protests ‘cost’, but those who take this spin seriously have lost track of the cost of the real damages to our country; the cost of the BANK BAILOUT, the WARS, the billions ‘lost’ or stolen by Halliburton, the fact that BP was just given another permit to drill in the gulf again, only deeper this time while the media continues their collusion of silence regarding the damage to life and local economy from last year’s spill. Those with the ability to think for themselves see through the media sham and know the ‘cost’ of the corruption comes at the expense of our infrastructure as we witness job loss, home loss, deterioration of education, healthcare, roads and bridges, green investment and the privatization of nearly everything, such as prisons. Really people? We want to profit from crime/punishment? As millions languish in prisons for victimless crime for the purpose of the perpetuation of ‘prisons as business’ we have lost track of the suffering created by social inequality and social injustice. Perhaps we need to re-read Fodor Dostoyevsky to remember how much suffering is wrought by a corrupt judicial system, and recent outcry from a Republican audience to ‘let him die’ regarding a hypothetical person without healthcare is straight out of a Dickens novel.Prison for profit and healthcare for profit are unethical. What has happened to our sense of compassion, I thought Christianity’s main tenet was ‘brotherly love’…………….ah, but we worship money now and isn’t that serving us well? It is impossible to worship money and remain ethical. To those who sing ‘f’ America, I would say your time would be better spent in reading a book and educating yourself. To those who write hostile blogs I would say that this revolution is being fought on your behalf too. Divisiveness is precisely what the 1% strives for, it’s what they use their media for; “divide and conquer” has served them well, in case you weren’t paying attention.

    To the GA I would say your commitment to non-violence is commendable and essential. Those who complain that you are disorganized or need a central message are misguided as a result of media manipulation. While there may be truth to their assertion, it is clearly by design that you remain in this phase for now; the corpratocracy doesn’t like it because it makes you difficult to control. Pay close attention to the lessons of Gandhi and Dr. King; when they marched it was with purpose. Gandhi’s march to the sea was a protest against laws regarding salt. But you are learning and you are courageous, it is all anyone could ask or expect of you. Keep faith, your work is supported by the energy of the universe because it is for the good of all. It is a selfless act. Thank you

    “Power concedes nothing without demand” Frederick Douglass

  63. Josh Parms on October 31, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    You people are a disgrace to our city and country.  Get a job and quit blaming other people for your misfortunes.  Please quit destroying our city parks and forcing us taxpayers to waste our resources on your ridiculous accusations of corporate and government greed.  It just makes me sick.  


    A hard working American

  64. Jon Gates on November 2, 2011 at 11:27 pm
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  66. Working Class Citizen on November 12, 2011 at 10:52 am

    How is it that you have this many layered website and not one statement of purpose, intent, or any other information about what your movement represents? I think you’ve missed the point. I agree that you should leave our city parks and stop causing damage and destruction that us working stiffs will be required to pay for in the long run. Nicely done.

  67. Keith Kurman on November 13, 2011 at 4:07 am

    I just wanted to say “Go Portland!” there are alot of words above that I didn’t have the patience to read, but I support your action and wish you patience and perseverance. Thank you, your action represents me, my family and most of the people I know, so please, stand, and know that we stand with you.

  68. Colin Scott on November 13, 2011 at 7:21 am

    While I support freedom of speech and the right to assemble, there is nothing in the constitution that gives you the right to disrupt the operation of a metroplitan area for weeks at a time. You’ve had your say, you’ve assembled for weeks, and now it’s time to go.

    I’d also like a list of businesses who supported your stay so we can boycott them.

  69. BREAKING NEWS: Occupy Portland | Occupy Central on November 13, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    [...] SUPPORT [...]

  70. Doug McNair on November 13, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    I’m a 62-year-old, semi-retired guy who’s been a small businessman his whole life. I suport you folks and what you’re doing 100%. I’ve been traveling for the past several months but will be returning to the PNW soon and hoping to join an occupy movement. You are this country’s best hope.

  71. Jose on November 14, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    THANK YOU, VERY MUCH for your patriotic effort. Please don’t get discouraged. The criticism and negative comments here are from people that don’t care about the others. The ones that are taking advantage of the rest or the ignorant that don’t have the intellect to understand what is going on.

  72. Claire on November 16, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    To all the peaceful: I support. To all the violent: Stop ruining it for everyone else. That being said, as a full time student with a part time job, I don’t see this movement as one that is anti-capalist. I see it as being against the disparity between the highest and the lowest and against hard workers still getting the shaft due to corporate and political greed. We need to go back the mindset of the 50′s where a company felt like it had a moral obligation to ALL their share holders – not just the majority. If you work hard and pay your taxes and bills you shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to eat, or sleep with a roof over your head and it’s the fact that so many people fall asleep with these fears that I am against.