Understanding the need for groups to be able to share information about themselves with the outside world, the web team has followed Occupy Wall St’s solution and set up a community website similar to NYCGA.NET

Will now be only for announcements, workshops, events, press releases and information about Occupy Portland. Only General Assembly approved marches and rallies will be posted on occupyportland.org

Will be where people connect with each other, share information, documents, events, and are able to post. Anyone can create an account, anyone can create or join a group, and anyone can post to the bulletin board.
pdxga.org is for every group in Portland that is working towards positive social change, it is not just Occupy Portland groups. So please, tell your friends about it and use the internet to create the strongest local positive social change network we can. PDXGA.ORG

Engage OPDX

Community Assembly
What's this?

July 2, 7:00 pm

99 Unite Civic Forum
What's this?

July 21 7:00 pm

OPDX Office, 1131 SE Oak

OPDX Office

St. Francis, 1131 SE Oak
*Note: Office may be closed for events, lunch, emergencies

Please call: 971-258-1006
OPDX Info Team Site


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