Occupy Portland has many avenues for distributing your revolutionary content. There are four groups whose sole purpose is to generate media in the name of Occupy Portland. The Occupy Portland Media Coalition, which can be reached at mediacoalitionAToccupyportland.org, for the behind-the-camera types. The United Performing Arts Collective, which can be reached at occupytupacATgmail.com, for the theatrical types, the Design Collective for those adept at computer graphic design and layout, and our online newspaper, the Portland Occupier which can be reached at portland.occupierATgmail.com, for those literary types.


Thousands of excellent photographers have snapped shots at Occupy Portland events. If you’d like to share yours, you can join Occupy Portland Media Coalition’s Flickr Pool to add your images. If you can, give images a creative commons license so that they may be used for educational purposes.


The revolution will be documented! If you have an excellent video you’d like up on the Occupy Portland Media Coalition’s Youtube Channel, email it off to them. mediacoalitionAToccupyportland.org If you can, give videos a creative commons license so that they may be used for educational purposes.

Twitter: @OccupyPDXMedia

The United Performing Arts Collective (TUPAC)

TUPAC is an expanding group of persona who use visual, literary, performance art, and music to spread messages, hopes, dreams and goals of Occupy Portland to the greater 99%. Join us in Dance, Expression, Inspiration, and Solidarity.

Contact: occupytupacATgmail.com

Request to join the listserv: occupytupacATgooglegroups.com

Twitter: @PDXTUPAC

Graphic Design Collective

The Occupy Portland Design Collective exists to create visual art and assist other groups in creating images and layout for fliers, posters, and other beautiful occupy displays. If you’re interested in joining, send an email to opdxdesigncollectiveAtgmail.com

The Portland Occupier

The Portland Occupier was dreamed up by the Media Committee and the Occupation PR group as a way of putting out so many of the stories we’d like to tell about what is happening at Occupy Portland. We’ll be on the official occupation website, but we’re not official. Echoing the Media Coalition’s role, we produce content for the occupation, but we do not speak for the occupation. We’re simply Occupiers: we are the people on the ground, living, working, thinking, and talking about a making a better world. Much of what we publish is opinion, and is always from the point of view of the person producing it. We can’t cop to much more than that.

We need content! We’ve prepared a number of things for you, but we want more! We all want more, as we meet and get to know the important people throughout all levels of our movement. If you would like to write, produce video, audio, photographs, or artwork for us, please email us with your interest or submissions at portland.occupierATgmail.com. We are looking for anything that is a good story. We want good information, presented in a way that will make people interested in absorbing it.

We also have an open editorial process. If you’d like to be involved, please consider submitting something—as all of our editorial duties are completed by our writers. Together, we hope to make something amazing. So join us!

The current Point of Contact for The Portland Occupier is Adam Rothstein. Please contact the POC at portland.occupierAtgmail.com.

Twitter: @PDXOccupier