This is a list of all groups that have organized since the beginning of Occupy Portland. Most groups are a part of the Spokescouncil and are referred to as spokes. Others do not choose to be a part of the decision making body of Occupy Portland, but act in solidarity with Occupy Portland.SPOKES are all currently operating Occupy Portland committees, teams, working groups, caucuses and affinity groups. Spokes are recognized by the collective spokescouncil of Occupy Portland.

Spokescouncil meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 7PM.
The location can be found on the Occupy Portland calendar.
Notes from Spokescouncil, when taken, are available here.

If any information is incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact:


The United Performing Arts Collective (TUPAC)
Design Collective
The Media Coalition
The Livestream Team
Public Relations
The Web Team
Social Media
The Portland Occupier News Team
Labor Outreach
Solutions Committee
The Action Committee
The Library aka Our School
The Information Committee
The Finance Committee
The Spending Committee
The Engineering Committee
The Electrical Committee
The Food Team
Safety and Peacekeeping
The Medical Team
The Sanitation Team
The Earth Guardians
The Facilitation Team
T.E.S.T.N. Team (Training, Education, Strategy and Tactics for Nonviolence)
The Women’s Caucus
The Radical Caucus
The Elders Council
The Faith and Spirit Spoke
The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains
The Portland People’s Alliance


The Bike Swarm
Unsettle Portland
Occupy Voices




(TUPAC) is an expanding group of persona who use visual literary, performance art, and music to spread messages, hopes, dreams and goals of Occupy Portland to the greater 99%. Join us in Dance, Expression, Inspiration, and Solidarity.

Request to join the listserv:
Twitter: @PDXTUPAC

TUPAC is currently recruiting graphic designers to be on call.


Occupy Portland Design Collective is a group of professional and amateur graphic designers assisting all committees in creating captivating artwork and layout for fliers, posters, t-shirts, etc.

To join the group or request their help, email:


Occupy Portland Media Coalition is a group of Activist film makers who have set their collective talents towards the goal of kicking the 1% square in the, well, you know where! We plan to continue our commitment to producing video content that will inspire others among the 99% to join our non-violent creative revolution. We have collectively produced 102+ videos and counting.

Twitter: @OccupyPDXMedia


Our goal is to offer the public an alternative media source with an objective, unfiltered, and real-time view of Occupy Portland.

We host open meeting once a month and meeting that are closed (for current members) once a month totaling two meeting a month. Our next open meeting is scheduled for Jan. 11th at Lucky Lab Beer Hall 1945 NW Quimby, from 5-7Pm This meeting is open for all people who are interested in joining Livestream and for folks who chat on Livestream and who would like to meet in person.

To get involved, make donations, or for more information -
(Also going to  seeing the work and chatting especially with moderators is a good first step.)


Coordinating and communicating with Mainstream Media and Independent Media, the public relations team is the only committee entrusted by the G.A. to speak on it’s behalf in a way that effectively encompasses the views  inquiries

To get involved, contribute writing, or publicize information,


The Occupy Portland Web Team maintains the address of as well as all content. We acknowledge that is the internet face of Occupy Portland and the place where people go to receive factual, trusted information about Occupy Portland. We strive to post only that content which represents the sentiments of all of Occupy Portland as reflected through of the wishes General Assembly.

These are Web Team’s Guidelines for posting content. This applies to all posts except GA notes or quotes from GA notes.

  • Committees/groups cannot claim to represent or speak on behalf of Occupy Portland, the General Assembly, the encampment, the collective, or use “us” or “we” pronouns that imply or suggest representation on behalf of Occupy Portland, the General Assembly or the occupation/encampment.
  • Only the General Assembly can make, decide and/or declare decisions, statements, press releases, and announcements on behalf of Occupy Portland, the General Assembly, the occupation/encampment, the collective and through the use of pronouns that use “us” or “we” pronouns that imply or suggest representation on behalf of Occupy Portland, the General Assembly or the occupation/encampment.
  • I will identify the committee or group for which I am speaking at the beginning of my post.
  • I will tell the truth.
  • I will write deliberately and with accuracy.
  • I will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
  • I will preserve the original post, using notations to show where I have made changes so as to maintain the integrity of my publishing.*
  • I will never delete a post.*
  • I will reply to emails and comments when appropriate, and do so promptly.

* – in combination with the violation policy below, there are exceptions to this rule

Violation Policy: If your post is seen as violating this code of conduct, it will be temporarily hidden until the issue can be discussed.


Working on coordinating these outlets into a single team. Had first major meeting on December 5 at Backspace. More meetings to follow, as well as a mission statement and conduct guidelines (for both users and admins). We’ll figure out some way to integrate new people into the team, since facebook pages and groups require giving full admin access, and admin access includes the ability to remove all other admins.

Main outlets:!/OccupyOregon (Chase and others)!/OccupyPortland (Collin)!/OccupyPDX (Angella) (various admins) (various admins) (various admins) (alternatively,


The Portland Occupier was dreamed up by the Media Committee and the Occupation PR group as a way of putting out so many of the stories we’d like to tell about what is happening at Occupy Portland. We’ll be on the official occupation website, but we’re not official. Echoing the Media Coalition’s role, we produce content for the occupation, but we do not speak for the occupation. We’re simply Occupiers: we are the people on the ground, living, working, thinking, and talking about a making a better world. Much of what we publish is opinion, and is always from the point of view of the person producing it. We can’t cop to much more than that.

We need content! We’ve prepared a number of things for you, but we want more! We all want more, as we meet and get to know the important people throughout all levels of our movement. If you would like to write, produce video, audio, photographs, or artwork for us, please email us with your interest or submissions We are looking for anything that is a good story. We want good information, presented in a way that will make people interested in absorbing it.

We also have an open editorial process. If you’d like to be involved, please consider submitting something—as all of our editorial duties are completed by our writers. Together, we hope to make something amazing. So join us!

The current Point of Contact for The Portland Occupier is Adam Rothstein. Please contact the POC at


Occupy Portland Outreach is an evolving collective of individuals working to help build communication, organizing, and interdependence in our local neighborhoods and in the whole 99% as well as network resources from local organizations in order to transform the community’s needs, concerns, hopes and resilience into local solutions based action.

How One Can Get Involved:
Our Committee Meetings are open to the public. We meet twice a week:
Every Sunday at 1pm – 3pm at Psu Smith Building” Cafeteria (venue may change)
Every Thursday at 11am – 1pm at The Lucky Labrador (915 SE Hawthorne)
1pm-2:30pm Outreach Organizer Training
We have two major projects. The first is the gathering of volunteers who are interested in being trained to go into neighborhoods of Portland to inform and educate the residences about 99% issues as well as gather feedback and suggestions on how we should move forward as a movement as well as encourage participation at every level..

We are also organizing Occupy Neighborhood Assemblies where the actions and momentum of Occupy Portland will be brought to local communities to cultivate and promote  a variety of direct actions.

Outreach and Education have a joint project which is building a team of trained and well organized panelists that will Occupy the minds of Universities, High Schools, Middle schools, Elementary Schools, Corporate Centers, ministries, etc.

Contact:  Please visit our Outreach website, or
Outreach email,,  or contact
Liam  -  503 349 4679
Shiva   -   503 477 3512


The Labor Outreach Committee is made up of organized and unorganized workers. We aim to better educate labor unions and other worker-oriented groups about ways to get involved and support Occupy Portland. We also work to bring existing struggles in the labor movement into Occupy Portland.

We currently meet weekly on Fridays, from 5:30-6:45pm at the St. Francis Church.

To get involved, email:


The solutions committee is a crowd-sourced, open-source, fully transparent progressive policy think tank dedicated to developing concrete and tangible approaches to achieving the social goals of the 99%. We are focused upon two approaches: (1) The drafting of ballot measures and model legislation that implements policies that the 99% desire, and (2) Identifying and planning campaigns of direct political action to persuade corporate and governmental bodies to adopt or modify policies in a manner sought by the 99%.

PLEASE NOTE: The Solutions Committee does NOT decide the platform or the policies of the 99% in Portland; that is the role of the General Assembly. The Solutions Committee develops the abstract goals of the movement into discrete policy reforms that can be pursued by popular referendum or by campaigns of direct action.
To Get Involved or Contact:


We are a group of independent organizers who meet to discuss and plan upcoming actions. We can provide assistance in planning by networking within Occupy Portland, and offering resources to help motivated individuals who are interested in organizing their own actions be successful. We provide information about actions happening in the community via the wiki, the Occupy Portland calendar, and the facebook group: Occupy PDX Action.

Anyone can join. Meetings are held Mondays at the PSU Smith Memorial Student Union – 1825 SW Broadway. We gather starting at 5:30, and the meeting starts promptly at 6:00. We meet downstairs in the SW corner of the cafeteria. If you enter from the Park Blocks: take the stairs down, go through the door to your right, and walk across the cafeteria to the back wall.

Please see the Occupy Portland Forum for notes on previous meetings, and discussions regarding actions.

To contact the action committee, please email
For information on how to plan your own event please see:

OUR SCHOOL (Formerly The Library)

Preamble to our Constitution: We the people, in order to fully embrace our human condition, establish social justice, free speech, free expression and free education, do establish this Constitution for Our School. By establishing a safe and intellectually stimulating environment, we nurture individual needs while emphasizing critical thinking, direct application, and community action. By embracing a non-hierarchical forum for all learning styles, we develop a new educational paradigm for lifelong learning. To further these goals, we hold space for book, material and intellectual contributions; we also hold space for the public to facilitate workshops, braintrusts, networking and other educational opportunities.

Our School Resources
Archiving all Occupy documents and providing reading material for the ongoing educational needs of the occupation. We will bring a mobile library to your Occupy event!

A group of trained panelists who can be requested to speak at any event, formal and informal, about the movement. To join, schedule or share wisdom email This group meets once a week, meeting times vary. Check the OP Committees calendar regularly.

A series of educational and project- or concept-based collaborative groups. Find the workshops calendar at

Current ongoing workshops:
Non-violent Communication
Tuesdays 1-3pm
Peace House on NE 18th and Tillamook, Portland, OR 97212
This group will be closed after Dec. 6th to maintain a safe learning space. Please stay posted for future offerings.

Economics Braintrust
A braintrust intended to unite all of our genius economists
Goal: Design curriculum and material about the economy to offer the movement and the people
When: Next week, please suggest meeting time.
Where: 815 SW 2nd Ave. Ste. 510

Our School Braintrust
What: A weekly meeting of all those interested in collaborative community education for the Occupy movement
When: Every Friday, 1-4pm
Where: 815 SW 2nd Ave. Ste. 510

POCs Mark 908 759 7453       Leah 971 533 0522

google group


Connecting those with questions about Occupy Portland to those with answers about Occupy Portland.

To get involved, make donations, or for more information email:


The Finance Committee consists of one person from each committee if they so choose as well as members of the movement. The mission of the Finance Committee is to oversee all activities pertaining to fund raising and the procurement of funds associated with the Occupy Portland movement and to insure that all funds are managed transparently and safe from improper use. The Finance Committee also insures that all fund raising activities associated with the movement reflect well upon the movement itself. The finance committee is responsible for distributing funds to specific purposes as approved by the General Assembly (i.e. Parks Restoration) and weekly Spending Committee budgets as decided through the Spokescouncil. Full transparency is a must at all times for the Finance, Spending and all other financial matters pertaining to Occupy Portland. All meetings will be open for public observance, minutes will be kept and made public. All donations and grants coming in and all expenditures going out will be made public and accountable.
Meetings are posted on the Occupy Portland Calendar

POC is Kip Silverman


The spending commitee is created to ensure that the occupation is financially supported with available funds, and to consider proposals and allocate funds for operations in a fair, efficient, and transparent manner.

We encourage proposers to be self-sufficient. If procurement without money is possible for a request, we encourage that route and will help the proposer network to get needs met. As a group we decided that basic needs of the occupation and occupiers would have priority, then infrastructure, then other items like long term goals or strategy. This was at a time when we had a physical camp, and it could change depending on our new situation and/or new members.

Our group’s decision-making process is mandated by the General Assembly of Occupy Portland to be a consensus of 90% for all decisions. We are also mandated to keep notes for every meeting as well as make a weekly budget, and post this information online. Our total weekly budget is determined by the Finance Committee. Right now we are comprised of ten individuals from ten different committees. We also have an observer who is not on a committee, but has been to every meeting we have had, and wants to be a (non-voting) liaison between the Finance and Spending Committee, which was also mandated by the G.A. This makeup may change after we present our proposal to change the language of our membership to include Spokes (and/or caucuses/tribes).

We meet every Tuesday at 6pm. Right now, we are meeting in the Broadway Building of PSU at 621 SW Jackson St., on the second floor in front of the computer lab, until a more suitable space is found. Our meeting times and place can be found at:

Spending Committee P.O.C.: Carrie Medina (503) 369-8731


Providing for the infrastructure needs of Occupy Portland.

To get involved, make donations, or for more information -
Contact: Sam 503 740 5959


The mission of the electrical department is to provide the most innovative and highest quality of electrical services in the most cost-effective manner and to facilitate the achievement of goals and objectives of each of the committees, departments and general occupiers needs.

Departments Goals:
1. Provide effective electrical needs to support computer system and web-based applications lighting and electrical needs for all committees that need such resource.
2. Promote and facilitate the infrastructure to effectively meet the overall miss of the the occupation using collaborative efforts through planning and consulting with all committees and departments.
3. Develop and maintain highly effective reliable secure and innovative systems to support each departments committees and occupiers needs.
4. Promote and enhance the needs of the occupation departments with using as much renewable energy resources to lesson the carbon footprint.
5. Never to break any National Electrical Code standers including local codes. Keep the encampment the safest possible for all.

To learn more, volunteer, or donate, contact:


We strive to build and support a local and sustainable food system, free from corporate control, whose primary goal is the health and and well-being of our community, our farm lands, and our water systems. We recognize the inalienable right to food.

To donate or get involved, email


Working to ensure that the Occupation is a safe space for all political action.

To get involved, make donations, or for more information, contact


Meeting the medical needs and providing first aid to campers and participants in political actions.

To get involved, make donations, or for more information, email:


Making sure that the Occupation is a sanitary space for all campers while practicing environmental stewardship.

This committee currently has no POC. Care to start?
email to update this.


Assisting in restoring the parks of Lownsdale and Chapman.
Mailing list:


Roles and Responsibilities:
The primary purpose of the Facilitation Team is to provide for constructive interactions in meetings through an open process of collective decision making using the appropriate agreed upon processes. The Facilitation Team insures that the General Assembly and Spokes Council have facilitators each night. It also insures that there is a suitable location for these meetings.

Additionally, it provides for any other facilitation needs within Occupy Portland through the availability of members and/or through training. Lastly, the Facilitation Team has been the initiator of discussions on structure and process. However, these discussions have resulted in working groups open to all (in the case of both the Open Consensus Philosophy and the Spokes Council Model) and the Facilitation Team is not the only place where such discussion should or does occur.

mailing lists

Kari 580-716-4729
David 503-516-8932

T.E.S.T.N. TEAM (Training, Education, Strategy and Tactics for Nonviolence)

We build teams and community based in honest, open and transparent
dialog and connection to provide training, education and support
around personal nonviolence, tactical nonviolence, and strategic nonviolence in order to encourage nonviolent strategic thinking, communication and direct action.

To get in contact email:  opdx-TESTN(at)

Or come to our weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 10-12 in the Peace House on 18th and Tillamook. All are welcome and encouraged!


Occupy Portland Women’s Caucus is committed to making women’s voices central in the Occupy movement, both here in Portland and beyond. We address the social and economic injustices that most impact those who are female-identified. We promote nonviolence, respect and equality and invite others in our movement to do the same.

We encourage men and male identified folks in our community to create an ally group to partner with us in this goal.

Occupy Portland Women’s caucus meets Thursdays @5pm and Sundays @12:30. We have rotating meeting locations which are updated on the FB page.
We are currently looking for a meeting location.

POC: Eleyna Fugman     503 703 5205


The Radical Caucus is composed of people who are opposed to capitalism, and therefore look forward to alternative forms of post-capitalist economics and social relations.


Meetings are open to the public. We are open to people from any ideological background so long as they agree to the mission statement above. Provocateurs and trolls will be disinvited and expelled whenever the whole Caucus agrees to do so.

Decisions are based on a 2/3  majority vote. A facilitator is chosen at the beginning of each meeting. Minutes are kept by a note taker. Further group regulations and alterations must be democratically developed to cooperate with the Occupy Movement guidelines for transparency, equality, and participation.

The Radical Caucus began meeting soon after October 6, formed by a loose coalition of anti-capitalists who were also concerned about police influence on the occupation.   We submitted three proposals to the GA.

1.  One easy practical issue was readily solved informally after the initial announcement:  to make the GA notes easier to find from the Occupy Portland website.  We asked for “within one mouse-click” because the notes used to be hard to locate.  This was solved by communicating directly with the web team.

2.  We proposed and obtained overwhelming consensus to manifest our solidarity with the “Right 2 Dream Too” camp near the Chinatown gate on Burnside.  The implementation was both an open letter to the mayor and a march from our occupation site to Right 2 Dream Too.  Both of these actions were successfully completed and resulted in widespread local media coverage, bringing attention to the economic injustice of the city’s criminalizing homeless street people.  Ultimately the Mayor’s reply was disappointing, and the city refused to stop criminalizing the unhoused, refused to lift the camping ban, and continues to legally threaten “Right 2 Dream Too.”

3.  We proposed to make the occupation encampment a “Police-free Zone”.  This proposal was unpopular and was  rejected by the GA.   The issues motivating this proposal are now more relevant after the events of November 12 and 17, in which police brutality hurt many occupiers and wiped the encampment off the map.

Crash —    541-913-5732
Däv –
Google group  –

The future is impossible to predict, and this is why we continue to hold out hope for a non-capitalist society.  We promote building a new society within the decayed shell of the old.  The process of Occupy is very much a prefiguration of that new society:  mutual aid, alternative economies, cooperation, DIY, open participation, direct democracy, communal living, autonomous collectives, and a push for economic justice across a dazzling variety of projects for state banks, credit unions, ending corporate personhood, preventing the concentration of wealth to the 1%, addressing unemployment and foreclosures, exposing corrupt banks, promoting worker-owned co-ops, community councils, etc. The means are also the end.


  • We are a group of Elders here to share our thoughts with you
  • We agree that Wall St. is compromised by greed. Consequently, when money determines candidates, domestic and foreign policy along with media messages there can be no true democracy.
  • We are 100% supportive of the 99% and the injustice of the 1% to the 99%.
  • We encourage you to speak up for what you are FOR in short, digestible messages.
  • We encourage looking at the BIG picture; don’t get bogged down in details.
  • We support the emphasis on abstaining from alcohol and drugs.
  • We agree with the Code of Conduct and commit ourselves to it.


Lauren Paulson  971 219 5859

JOIN US BABY BOOMERS  –  There are new people joining every day.  There is a special something about this group.  We believe this may be the time to reach for change.


Faith/Spiritual Mission Statement:
To witness, nurture and support the moral and spiritual essence of the Occupy Movement.

Faith/Spiritual Decision by Consensus process:

The Faith & Spirit Spoke makes collective decisions by consensus of the members present, with as much additional input from non-present members as is possible and pragmatic. Our consensus is guided not only by the will of the group but also by our evolving sense and experience of Spirit along with the values one finds through compassion, love and nonviolence towards every Human Being.

Get Involved:
Join the Google Group: FaithSpiritPDX

Our next meeting is January 4, 2012, 6:30-8:30pm at a private home in NE Portland. Directions and address available in the Group or by emailing


Interfaith Guild of Chaplains (IGC) of #OccupyPortland is an interfaith, ecumenical, non-proselytizing and autonomous group of religious workers, clergy and spirituality practitioners of all traditions, inspired in part by the Protest Chaplains of #OccupyBoston but not limited to the Christian faith in its orientation.  We stand in solidarity with all Occupiers of Portland, Boston, Wall Street, and all cities in the world where #OccupyTogether movement has spread.

As a group, IGC works collaborately and based on the principles of mutual consensus and mutual aid, while also respecting individual IGC member’s faith traditions, spiritual and ministerial practices, personal liberties, and freedom of conscience and expressions; as well as respecting the professional standards and rules governing clergy or religious worker conducts imposed by individual IGC member’s respective affiliation.

The primary purposes of IGC are
(1) To be of service to the Occupiers and their spiritual well-being.
(2) To be an expression of conscience and prophetic voice in the greater #OccupyPortland movement.
(3) To help better integrate faith communities in Portland area and their social justice activities with the actions and organizing of #OccupyPortland.

Join the IGC
The Interfaith Guild of Chaplains is envisioned to be part of the movement and forces that are driving the transformation of this world.  While we are deeply rooted in the #OccupyPortland community, we also look further into the future beyond the life of our camp, however the shape that might take.  At IGC we rethink and re-envision the notion of mission and missiology, as well as inclusion and community.  As a chaplain with the IGC you will be working in an environment that is unlike any other.  We are radicals and we seek to have the right questions more so than the right answers.  We are all on the path of discovery, learning, seeking revelations and the sparks of the divine.  As a member of this imperfect world we acknowledge our humanness and imperfection.  As such, there are certain characteristics we expect from our members, among which are abilities to be a good listener, a quick and open-minded learner, and a willingness to be a prophet, a healer, and a visionary.

All religious traditions are welcome; the diversity is our strength.  Those who hold a current and valid ordination or license with their affiliation, those who are currently studying, or in the past have studied, in a seminary, a divinity school, or similar institution, as well as those who have working experiences as a community leader and religious/ceremonial leader of any spiritual or religious tradition, are equally invited to join the IGC.  Additionally, we are also looking for Reiki practitioners, energy healers, etc., to be part of our team.



The Portland People’s Alliance, once known as the Political Intervention Committee, is a coalition of empowered individuals to advocate for an immediate address of equity and fairness through coordinated efforts of direct pressure on the oppressive political system. The PPA is in collaboration with the Solutions Committee on designing a platform of critical issues that coincide with the fundamental mission of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The PPA specializes on issues in the most localized sense of government, to motivate the community and foster positive civil engagement. Portland People’s Alliance recognizes and rejoices in the inherent value of all people, and puts priority in reminding all people of their varying access to power and privilege.

Contacts as mentioned before, or Ben:

Each meeting is announced after group consensus, since we cannot comply with the imperialistic idea of habitual dates.

Facebook page: We have a Facebook page:

Non-Spokes Affinity Groups


We are the Occu-riders, the cavalry.

We fill the streets with our wheels and our voices. We are a peaceful, convivial band of riders, reminding our fellow demonstrators to stay nonviolent, excited, and diligent. As busy bees, we can fly through downtown and protect the march with our buzzing mobility. We circle sites of civil disobedience, bring messages to and fro, and draw the interest of other Portlanders – including the agents of the empire. When not in flight, we use our bikes to form a protective honeycomb around those on foot.

We ride swiftly and stand strong.

We are a team.

We are a tactic.

How can you swarm?

To get involved, contact


Unsettle Portland was formed to support the effort of families resisting eviction, and those planning on re-inhabiting foreclosed homes and other vacant buildings. We support community control of land and housing, and are an affiliate of Take Back The Land.

Why “Unsettle”?

All this land was settled 150 years ago: taken by force from the people that had generations of relationship with it. The law was used as a screen to mask this raw injustice. Every real estate deed in this country is clouded by blood and betrayal.

Over the last few years, the banks of the 1% have instituted a new kind of “settlement”: using predatory lending, subprime derivatives, and corrupt politicians to steal trillions of dollars of assets from working people. And now those houses and buildings are standing vacant, decaying amid a sea of need, under cover of the “law”.

We unsettle the banks to create the conditions for a new relation with the land, a foundation from which to decolonize all our lives.

We want to explicitly acknowledge that there are currently people and groups who are organizing to take foreclosed houses and to redistribute them. Our intention is to expressly support what is already alive within those organizations and to do so in ways that feel mutually beneficial.

We understand some of the intended purposes of opening these spaces to be:

to be housing for evicted families and people otherwise shut-out by the 1%
to make available focused environments for organizers to work together and co-strategize
to create welcoming and safer spaces to be used as community hubs
to host much-needed community services: legal aid, health clinics, childcare, and more…
to sustainably and beautifully tend and improve the physical structures that host these activities
Social Media: Be a part of our communications network via email, facebook, and twitter. Subscribe to our announcement list by sending a message to us.

To get involved, contact:


Occupy Voices collects the many different voices of the 99% and shares these stories of adversity and desire for change. We collect and share interviews from around the nation using the same basic format, asking each interviewee two questions: “How have you been affected by the economic crisis?” and “What would you like to see changed?” Our purpose is to let common people know that they are not alone, and to make our political, corporate, and social leaders aware of the impact of their actions (or lack of actions.)

Occupy Voices was formed by members of Occupy Portland’s Communications Committee. We have connected with volunteers from occupies across the nation who have joined our team. We need more volunteers to Conduct Interviews, Edit Interviews, Tag and Transcribe Interviews, Produce Videos, Monitor Social Media, and help manage our Sites and Processes.

The voices of the 99% can be found at Know that you are not alone. Know that these are the changes we demand.

To get involved, make donations, or for more information, contact:

Twitter: @OccupyVoices
Facebook: Occupy Voices
Vimeo: Watch Occupy Voices
YouTube: Watch Occupy Voices

6 Responses to ORGANIZE

  1. Nadia Greene on October 23, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    I heard at one point that there was going to be a garden team. I’ve been looking into hydroponics for my own purposes, and would be very interested in being part of this team.

    Nadia Greene

    • Jaime on October 24, 2011 at 2:34 pm

      yes this was discussed at the GA last night. contact info booth!

  2. lindaw on October 24, 2011 at 12:37 am

    I have information to pass on to people I met with today in the Goals & Stances meeting.
    We did not share email addresses and there is no committee group as of yet.
    How can I reach one or some of them before the next meeting?


    • occupypdxer on October 24, 2011 at 10:16 am

      you can get that information by contacting the info desk. or (503) 890-0657

  3. Lataya Dailey on October 26, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Can we have a list of those who are on the committees and a link to their facebook page?

    • occupypdxer on October 27, 2011 at 1:31 pm

      We don’t even have that list compiled. It’s very organic and changes daily. You just have to be at camp to meet whoever is around.