How To Bring A Proposal To The General Assembly

How To Bring A Proposal To The General Assembly

This is the process to submit a proposal to the General Assembly. All proposals must be brought to the 6:30pm Proposal Meeting in order to get onto the agenda. Proposals will be asked to be announced to the G.A. in order to form a working group. Time sensitive proposals still must be brought to the 6:30pm Proposal Meeting, but may be put on that night’s agenda to be consented on. 

1. Write the proposal on paper and publicize: at the Info booth, in small groups, on the Forums on, etc. Include a name and contact information as part of the publication.

2. Announce the Proposal in the announcement section at a General Assembly. This proposal must be relevant and affect all the people participating in Occupy Portland.

3. Identify yourself and the committee or group that is anchoring this proposal.

4. Name a time and venue in which individuals who are interested, invested and affected by this proposal can bring their concerns and further develop and evolve this proposal. (Examples include: under the Sequoia tree at 2 pm tomorrow, online in a particular forum, etc.)

5. The facilitation team will open the floor of the General Assembly for 5 statements of strong concerns or objections. The facilitation team will prioritize the stack for people whose primary access to the conversation is the General Assembly. All other folks who can attend meetings during the day or engage the conversation through the internet will be encouraged to use those methods of reaching out.

6. The committee or group that is anchoring the proposal will meet with other invested folks to evolve the proposal. The onus of responsibility for amending the proposal to account for the concerns is up to the committee or group anchoring the proposal, not the individuals with the concerns. And we strongly encourage the individuals or groups with concerns or objections to approach the proposal and process with solution-oriented positivity.

7. The anchoring group will bring the proposal back to the General Assembly for process. A participatory agenda setting meeting will happen at 6:30 with those people that have a proposal. Participants will share their proposals and discuss which order to address the proposals in the time allowed during the General Assembly as there will not always be time for everything. Agenda items that are coming out of previous General Assemblies will be given priority. Additionally, proposals that originate from existing committees will be given special consideration.

8. If a proposal comes to the table with a strict and imminent deadline, that proposal can bypass this 24 hour process and be discussed at the current GA.

9. Agenda items resulting or originating from the previous GA come onto the agenda automatically with priority.

10. The GA commits to continuing to explore a participatory agenda setting process.


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  1. The De-Occupation of Main Street « mydtcblog on November 1, 2011 at 1:16 am

    [...] answer seems unlikely – procedure.  There were several proposals that had gone through the required procedure to bring a proposal to the General Assembly for a vote, but none of those included completely [...]

  2. John K on November 14, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Occupy 2.0 alternative

    We hear that Portland is great for pop-up-stores. Why not a pop-up-stores for Occupy Portland and Occupy Beaverton? Use those pop-ups for taking the message and dialogue into the neighorhoods.

    In Peace and Solidarity,