Occupy websites, National & Global:    

Occupy Cafe
World Revolutions
US General Assembly
How To Occupy
Nonviolent Occupation
Occupationalist real time news
Media Blog
Social Media Hub
Conference Calls
Media Coverage
Take the Square
Vote on Demands
Occupy Colleges
Occupy Police
Occupy Voices

New York City and Washington DC:
Occupy Wall Street
NYC General Assembly
NYC Spokes Council Proposal
O.W.S. Library
O.W.S. Journal
Occupy DC Times – News
Occupy DC
Occupy DC Declaration

Links to other cities in the USA:
We All Occupy

Live Streams:

Occupy Portland – Websites:
Occupy Portland
O.P. Events  Occupy Portland Events Page
Live Stream – Portland
Occupy Tomorrow
Owen Sander’s Project: The Declaration of O.P.
Portland Occupier News
Towns East of Portland

Occupy Portland – General Groups on Facebook:
Occupy Portland
O.P. Forum
O.P. Page

Occupy Portland – Focus Groups on Facebook:
O.P. Community Cafe
Community Conversation Event
Occupy Beaverton
O.P. Action
O.P. Real Estate

=> search Facebook for many more Occupy groups, events, and pages

Sister websites:  (not directly part of the Occupy movement, but doing related work)
Occupy Everything
Occupy Your Heart
Thrive Movement
Common Dreams
Move On
The White House – petitions
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Hastings on Nonviolence
Sally Kohn
Lauren Leonardi
Nation of Change
USA General Assembly
We Are Oregon
Open Congress
Ethical Markets
Demand Progress
Occupy Virtually
Rebuild the Dream
Veterans for Peace
Occupy Veterans

Evolve PDX
End the Fed
Move your Money
Credit Unions
Fair Trade
Paul Cienfuegos
Green America
Transition Town
Transition PDX
Student Debt Campaign
Student Debt
Occupy the Boardroom
Occupy Mailboxes

Educational Information:
OccuCards: Educational Cards for Activists!
United States Antitrust Law
International Monetary Fund
Federal Reserve System
Glass–Steagall Act
Fair Trade
Citizens United
Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Social Contract
List of Occupy Locations
Lorenz Curve
Gini Coefficient

OR Politicians: 
Patty Murray
Ron Wyden
Dennis Kucinich
Congressional Progressive Caucus

Misc. Helper websites: (groups that can be of assistance)
Dial 211
Avaaz Petitions
Petition Site
Movements – online support
National Lawyers Guild
Posters, Signs, Banners
Posters, Signs, Banners
Occupy Wiki
Rosenberg Fund for Children

The Arts:
Art Projects
Occupy Love

Other Misc. websites:
Popular Resistance
Green Shopping Guide!
Compassionate Communities
The Red Pill
PolitiFact – sorting out the truth
Michael Moore essay:
Nonviolent Communication
Activist Post
Ten Steps
Direct Action Handbook
The Truth About the Crackdown
Pvt. Bradley Manning “Collateral Murder” video
NYC Central Labor Council
Agent Provocateur
Occupy Christians
Street Medic Wiki

Occupy in Countries Outside US:
Canada, Vancouver
Canada, Calgary
Canada, Montreal
UK, London
UK, London news
UK, Leeds
Ireland, Waterford
Scotland, Glasgow
Switzerland, Geneva
Germany, Frankfurt
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Netherlands, The Hague
Belgium, Ghent
Sweden, Stockholm
Russia, St. Petersburg
Iceland, Reykjavik
NZ, Auckland
Mexico, Mexico City
Mexico, Tijuana
Brazil, Sao Paulo
South Africa
India, Mumbai
Japan, Tokyo
Hong Kong

Foreclosure Info:
Occupy Our Homes
Unsettle Portland
We Are Oregon
USA Foreclosure List
Oregon Foreclosure Law

Tar Sands Oil & the Keystone Pipeline:
Risk to Aquifer

General News Sources:


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Reported as bogus or fake:

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