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Question 20: Privatization of public services has led to many instances of graft and inferior services. What is your position upon privatization of city services? What contracts to private companies will you review? What services will you return to public departments?

Amanda Fritz

I oppose privatization of City services At my urging, Commissioner Fish reviewed contracting out in Parks. As a result, the number of contracted employees dropped from over 100 to under 40 in the three years I've been in office. It is not surprising that the owners of one of the Parks contracting-out firms have donated large amounts to one of my opponents.

Cameron Whitten

What services will you return to public departments? I am against the privatization of city services.

Eileen BradyNo Response
Jefferson Smith

I am against the further gutting of our public services by privatization. Privatization is a false economy, and we should have greater accountability for private contractors. Our focus should be on making public processes more effective and efficient, and engaging citizens in problem solving. Our plan will include a review of high-priority for-profit private contracts over a million dollars. (I can hear some private contractors opening up their wallets for my opponents as I say that.) A particular area of scrutiny needs to be large-scale computer projects. We need to empower smart tech people within city government. As mayor, I will pursue placing a Code for America fellow within my office or within Office of Management and Finance (for more info on this topic, see this TED talk.)

If the only reason for contracting out a service is to save on labor costs, it can be a bad deal for the workers and for the community. Workers deserve real pay and benefits for doing a real job. One example - weatherization. Part of the value of home weatherization is to keep folks warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but part of it is that it employs people who may not have a four-year college degree with good, contributing, honest jobs. We ought to pay those people accordingly.

Loren BrownNo Response
Mark White

If liability issues and contractual obligation with unions can be addressed, I am in favor of the privatization of construction-related services. I’m less inclined to privatize any service or activity that is directly connected to the health and/or safety of the public. My preference would be that a minimum of 50% of contracts be awarded to minority, women, or emeging small businesses.

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