Ne Si’ka – Food from the Heart Fundraiser

February 11, 2013
Ne Si’ka – Food from the Heart Fundraiser

When: Monday, February 18th at 7pm Where: The Roxy – 1121 SW Stark Downtown Portland Cost: $35 Get Tickets Here!! One week left to get your tickets to the hottest fundraiser in town!! For just $35, not only will you be giving to a great non-profit working to get the best “pay what you...
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Pots and Pizzy Casserole Pub Crawls

October 18, 2012
Pots and Pizzy Casserole Pub Crawls

With N3 right around the corner, a group of hardworking community members have put together a weekly outreach action. For the next three Fridays at 7pm, we will be doing a Pots and Pizzy Casserole Pub Crawl on a different street in the Portland area. Come on out, bang some pots and pans, grab...
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Solidarity with Arrestees – Can you come and show support at Occupy Trials?

September 6, 2012
Solidarity with Arrestees – Can you come and show support at Occupy Trials?

The Multnomah County Courthouse was buzzing with Occupiers and their lawyers on August 16 as they awaited Judge Cheryl Albrecht’s latest ruling on matters relating to numerous Occupy Portland arrests, interactions and altercations over the past year. Beginning on August 23 and continuing through November, Occupiers and their supporters will flood the courthouse as...
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Hey Portland: Need a Ride to Wall Street for Sept. 17th?

August 26, 2012

If you’re interested in being at Occupy Wall Street on September 17th then get on the bus! Send an email to and state how long you’re able to be gone for as travel times have not been secured yet. Do not simply reply with “I want to be on the bus” as this...
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Important: Support Needed at City Hall Vigil

August 15, 2012

Just in from the Info Team:

Important update from the City Hall Vigil: Officials have told us that in order for signs to exist on the sidewalks at City Hall, instead of them being hung structures, they need to be carried by people. With this, they are at a urgent need for people to come down to pick up a sign and demonstrate.

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The vigil keepers are calling for donations of balloons and helium gas. As part as a creative message tactic, the vigil keepers want these balloons, with to-the-point messages written by them, to float around the city and be given to passing children and adults to get a change of pace from the typical plasterboard sign.

If you haven’t been by the Vigil recently, they have been doing a great job with their signs and messaging.  If you can spare a few hours or at least help get the word out, it would be appreciated.  The Vigil’s next planning meeting will take place this Friday, August 17th at 5pm at Terry Schrunk Plaza – at the last meeting on Sunday we had a great turnout and very constructive time – feel free to stop by with your ideas Friday for further planning on next steps!

Thursday: Free Bradley Manning – End the Drone Wars

August 13, 2012

Cascadians Against War have been organizing a big action that will occur this Thursday, August 16th from 10am to 4pm at an Army Recruiting Station near you.  Then at 4:30pm everyone will meet up at the Lloyd Center Recruiting Station for the announcement of a big surprise. Here’s the details:

In a coordinated West Coast action demanding the immediate release of PFC Manning, we will once again be shutting down 5 military recruiting locations throughout Portland, Beaverton and Gresham. We’re also demanding an end to the drone wars. Our drones have killed 4,371 people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia alone. This DOES NOT include Iraq & Afghanistan…

We’re asking supporters to go to any of the 5 Army recruitment locations to help us shut them down again! Show your support for PFC Manning and demand an END TO THE DRONE WARS!  Your location choices are as follows:

Gresham at 830 NW Eastman Parkway
Beaverton at 2660 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Eastport Plaza at 4200 SE 82nd Ave Ste 1100
Lloyd Center at 1317 NE Broadway
Battalion Headquarters at 6130 NE 78th Ct

We’ll be shutting down at least these locations from 10am-4pm. Then we’ll meet up at the Lloyd Center recruiting location at 4:30pm and go on a short march to watch and support the surprise!*If you, your group or organization want to be involved, please email Cascadians Against War as

For more information:
Event Facebook Page
PDX Bike Swarm: Swarm the Recruiting Centers (Free Manning, End the Drone Wars)
Bradley Manning Support Network
Courage to Resist


Occupier Trials Drag On – ELK Legal Krewe Maintains Incredible Support

August 13, 2012

Those of us with violations cases under Judge Albrecht have our next hearing on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 9AM (courtroom to be announced). Trial dates are likely to be finalized at this hearing, so it’s important that you attend to make sure you’ll be in town for your trial date. Some dates were already tentatively...
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Medical Fundraiser Party for Bike Swarmer

August 7, 2012

This should be a fun event!  It’s happening this upcoming Saturday.  From PDX Bike Swarm:

Medical Fundraiser Party! Help us raise some funds for a core member of the Bike Swarm that took a serious spill and needs to make up some medical bills!

Important info: August 11th 6 – 10pm

Musician’s Union Hall at 325 NE 2oth Ave

Enjoy music, bike repair stations, new stickers, a raffle and more!  Bring your friends!  BYOB!

To learn more about the good folks at PDX Bike Swarm visit these nifty links:

PDX Bike Swarm

Bike Swarm on Facebook

Bike Swarm on Twitter

Update: Here’s the Facebook event page with more information – suggested donation is whatever you can throw down.

Anti-Austerity Group Meeting Saturday

August 7, 2012

From the Anti-Austerity Study Group:

Join us for the second in a series of discussions about how people locally and around the world are resisting austerity and building strong coalitions to protect public services, education, and the safety net. Our goals are to educate ourselves, strengthen our relationships, and develop a shared analysis of austerity and a shared orientation to strategies that work.

We will start out with a potluck brunch and spend time getting to know each other. We’ll have some discussion in the large group and then break into small groups for more in-depth conversations using the discussion questions provided as a starting point.

The meeting will take place at 10am on Saturday, August 11th @ NE MLK and Thompson (214 NE Thompson St).  For more information check out the event page.

Sunday, August 5th: Block Party at Alicia Jackson’s Home

August 1, 2012

A big event is being planned at Alicia Jackson‘s house, 500 block of N.E. Bryant Street, this upcoming Sunday, August 5th.  Bring a BBQ side dish and come on down to the event starting at 11 am!  Event organizers will be making a major announcement at the event.  RSVP and more information here.