General Assembly

Agenda Setting Meeting, Jan. 2nd

January 3, 2012

Cookie Canvassing Brought by: Operation: We Have Cookies Contact: Piper – RumorZ (phone removed by request) How Long in Development: 5 weeks Where:SC Finance Committee Structure Brought by: Mike Withey – Finance Contact: How Long in Development: 3 months Where:SC Global Anti-Nuclear Day: Occupy Hanford Brought by: Occupy St. John Contact: Miriam, Occupy St....
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Jan 1, 2012: Passed General Assembly Proposals and Announcements

January 2, 2012

Full G.A. Notes are available HERE PASSED PROPOSALS
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Dec. 29 Spokescouncil Announcements

December 30, 2011

-Medics need a hand moving supplies to a new location. Please contact Jim or Astrid: -Women’s Caucus invites all self-identified women to meetings, Location TBA, 5:30 Thursday nights, 1PM Sundays, contact: -Action Committee invites all to meetings, 5:30 Wednesdays, OP Office @ St. Francis, also requesting more help with immigrant outreach ...
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12/26: This Week’s Agenda for G.A, Spokescouncil, New Working Groups

December 27, 2011

Since the passing of the new schedule last week, agenda setting occurs on Mondays at 7 PM at the St. Francis Office space. All are welcome to attend and to bring their proposals. This is not where your proposal will be worked on. It is where the group will decide collectively if the proposal...
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New Schedule and Structure for Meetings

December 15, 2011

The following is a proposal to amend the Spokes Council and General Assembly format. Web-team does not usually post proposals, but as this proposal has already been passed through GA and SC (in part) we are announcing the proposals with the new schedule. Tomorrow (Friday the 16th of December 2011) at the Spokes Council...
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Sunday, Dec. 18th: Convention to Help Craft the Declaration of Occupy Portland

December 13, 2011
Sunday, Dec. 18th: Convention to Help Craft the Declaration of Occupy Portland

Occupy Portland cordially invites you to join us in writing the Declaration of Occupy Portland on Sunday, December 18th at 6:15pm at the Mission Theater (1624 Northwest Glisan Street, on Glisan and 17th). All are welcome to attend and participate in the spirit of community and direct democracy. This will be the first of a series of conventions in...
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Saturday December 3rd March and Occupation

November 28, 2011

This proposal was passed by the Occupy Portland General Assembly Nov. 28, 2011 2PM On Saturday, December 3rd join Occupy Portland as we march from the Salmon Springs Fountain to occupy another park! Why? Because the grievances and injustices within our society have not been redressed. Because we have the right to peacefully assemble...
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A Statement from the General Assembly of Occupy Portland

November 24, 2011

In Tahrir Square, citizens calling for a civilian government are being maimed and murdered by those same forces which helped them in their struggle for freedom. Many of the weapons used by these forces are imported from an American company, Combined Tactical Systems. We call on this company, which openly deals with tyrants, to...
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11/15 7PM Spokes Council Meeting

November 15, 2011

We have an indoor location for the Spokes Council tomorrow night.  It will be at 7:00 PM at the First Congregational Church (1126 SW Park Ave).  This will be a very important meeting for the committees, working groups and caucuses to  re-connect and begin thinking about the next steps for our movement.  Please spread...
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Further Brutality in Oakland– Portland in Solidarity with Kayban Sabehgi

November 5, 2011

This statement was drafted by members of the Media Committee in response to the recent news of yet another veteran in critical condition as a result of police brutality.  Police in Oakland have sent yet another veteran to intensive care after attempts at crowd control on Wednesday night—this time as a result of a...
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