The Safety Committee – Safety

A Response To Portland Police Chief Mike Reese

November 21, 2011

We understand that Portland Police Chief Mike Reese has issued an apology for misrepresenting the facts around the Portland Police Bureau’s delayed response time on a sexual assault report, originally blaming, in part, Occupy Portland for the delay, which was untrue. Nonetheless, the Occupy Portland Sexual Assault Survivor’s Advocacy Committee would like to issue the...
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Meeting With Portland Police Chief Reese, Nov. 4th

November 5, 2011

What: A meeting today at 10:30am, occurred between Portland Police Chief Reese, Commander Day, several other officers, as well a point of contact for Peace & Safety (Gina R.), a point of contact for Information (Arahia) , two PR reps (John & Paul) and Tad from Engineering.  Teresa from PR was invited as well, but due...
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Portland Poverty Awareness March Fri. Oct. 21 11:30AM

October 19, 2011
Portland Poverty Awareness March Fri. Oct. 21 11:30AM

Occupy Portland is the 99%. The 99% that are choosing to occupy are doing so for many reasons, including the financial stability to do so. Some are occupying because they have no where else to go. We are all the 99%. Through the generosity of Occupy Portland supporters we have been able to feed...
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Collective Agreement on Guidelines for Community Safety and Well-Being

October 16, 2011

This proposal passed with 4 amendments on October 16, 2010. Background information can be found in the comments. PRINCIPLES of SAFETY, WELL-BEING, and SOLIDARITY Acting in solidarity with the Occupy Movement, we pledge to recognize our responsibility to our community, which means occasionally putting personal freedoms second for the safety and well-being of all....
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