Weekly Schedule

Something is happening every day of the week. Visit the calendar or just come by the St. Francis space at the corner of SE 12th and Oak. If you haven’t participated in Occupy Portland events before, please read over the community norms agreement which will give a general sense of the type of community we actively strive to be.

General Assembly with Agenda Setting at 6:30pm - The General Assembly is the completely participatory and non-hierarchical governing body that the Occupy Movement has embraced for decision making. We believe everyone deserves to have a fair say in the direction of our collective lives. Everyone is invited to participate in making decisions based on proposals that are presented. We are creating a new form of self-governance. Come and be a part of history. If you have a proposal, bring it half an hour before the GA (General Assembly) starts. The General Assembly is currently at Terry Schrunk Plaza on SW 3rd and Madison.

Movement Building Open Forum – Engage with others interested in navigating the future of Occupy Portland. Share ideas about how to bring more people into the movement. The open forum is the perfect opportunity to bring forth new ideas and turn them into solid proposals. Currently held in the Che Room at St. Francis.

Unscheduled – See the calendar for what’s happening on Wednesdays.

Spokescouncil – This is a day when those heavily involved in working groups within Occupy Portland have an opportunity to exchange announcements, connect, and decide proposals affecting the inner workings of Occupy Portland. Anyone not associated with a group is welcome to attend and participate by sitting in the open caucus. See the spokescouncil page for more information. Currently held in the Cafeteria at St. Francis.

Arts and Culture Night – TUPAC (The United Performing Arts Collective) along with the Media Coalition organize Friday’s evening events including movies, open mics, poetry slams, local acts, and visiting famous/not-so-famous musicians. During the camp, B Media Collective ran a regular night of “People’s Cinema” opening the minds of all those who came. Expect B Media to continue blowing minds with amazing footage. Visit the calendar to see what’s happening this Friday. Currently held in the Cafeteria at St. Francis.

Feather Circle – Organized by the Rumorz Cafe crew, it’s an opportunity for all to participate in a passed feather discussion allowing everyone to speak their minds freely and deeply in a respective manner. Currently held in the Che Room at St. Francis.


Engage OPDX

Community Assembly
What's this?

July 2, 7:00 pm

99 Unite Civic Forum
What's this?

July 21 7:00 pm

OPDX Office, 1131 SE Oak

OPDX Office

St. Francis, 1131 SE Oak
*Note: Office may be closed for events, lunch, emergencies

Please call: 971-258-1006
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