The ELK (Elk Law Krewe) is a new legal collective to support movement-building in Portland, OR. It provides support and resources to Occupy Portland arrestees. Visit their website here.

HOW TO REPRESENT YOURSELF WORKSHOP – Fridays, 6PM @ Stu Sugarman’s Office: Stu is one of the mass defense coordinators for the Portland NLG (radical legal organization), and has generously offered to share his experience. These sessions are particularly geared towards folks who don’t have their own attorney. Stu will answer questions and give how-to pointers on representing yourself (pro se).  (This is an ongoing event)
The events calendar is a good place to see what legal support events and workshops are happening around town.

National Lawyers Guild

  • HOTLINE FOR ARRESTS: Write this on your arm and/or leg with a Sharpie: My Lawyer is 503-902-5340
  •  it was recommended to call them if you hear of an arrest or if you are arrested
  • Send Legal Questions (What can I do legally and where?) to: and they will be forwarded to the NLG representative in Portland.
  • Aim to protect protesters and keep this a peaceful protest.
  • Will attempt to coordinate representatives for those arrested
  • If you are being arrested, try to tell people around you: Who you are; And that you are being arrested (which may be obvious)
  • Not obligated to speak to police. Within rights to wait for a lawyer (Miranda Rights & the Freedom of Speech [or not to speak])
  • N.L.G. Observers are being worked out.
  • N.L.G. will be setting up a “Know Your Rights” seminar for anyone wanting to attend. Will post info on date and time as soon as available.

Seeking volunteers to join jail support committee.  Please contact

Filing Complaints on Police Actions

Below you will find various resources for people who have been subject to or witnesses of questionable police activity in relation to Occupy Portland. If you’re facing criminal charges, consult with an attorney before filing the complaint. For more information about the complaint process, click here.

Occupiers subject to or witnessing excessive force, rude or disrespectful conduct or other violations of the Portland Police Bureau should:

1.  File a complaint here with the Independent Police Review (IPR). Alternatively the IPR can be contacted here:, Phone:  503-823-0146. Send requests to the attention of Steve Morrow, who is coordinating these complaints.

2   Request that IPR do an independent investigation (which is within IPR’s authority). This should be done by a separate written attachment (word document or other) to the complaint with these words: I ask that this complaint be investigated independently by IPR staff and not referred to IA, pursuant to:   Portland City Code 3.21.120(C)(2)(b) and for the reason that:  that IAD has not done an adequate job investigating a particular category of complaints.  (E.G. Excessive Force).

Please keep a copy of whatever you file.


3.  Please call the NLG Legal Hotline (503-902-5340) and state that you’ve made these claims to the IPR. This hotline serves as the Occupy coordination on these claims.


For anyone that may have gotten a ticket in their car/on their bike during the port shutdown:

There is a Portland Police Policy Directive that prohibits police retaliation for “[d]emonstrating one’s constitutional rights”( 310.20 in the policy manual).

If you were one of those people pulled over and you feel like it was because of your protest activities it’s worth filing a complaint over (Follow step 1-3 above).

If you aren’t satisfied with your initial IPR findings and need help to appeal the results, contact


Top 10 Tips for Filming Occupy Protests, Arrests, and Police Misconduct 


Footage of Police Actions

Anonymously drop your footage and photos for the Legal Team here – Occupy Portland’s Media Base


  1. brush on October 12, 2011 at 5:03 am

    as a member of NLG Portland, i want to emphasize that the guild is NOT taking positions on what kinds of actions folks should or shouldn’t take. we’ll try to give you realistic information about what police may do and what your legal situation may be — then you make the call, based on your political wisdom.

    • brush on October 12, 2011 at 3:01 pm

      the following is an excerpt of a letter adopted at the NLG policy board meeting on monday. signed copy to be posted soon.

      To Our Friends at Occupy Portland:

      We at the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild are inspired and delighted by what you have achieved in the past week, and through all the work that led up to it. Thank you.

      Our understanding is that Occupy Portland is striving to be as non-hierarchical as possible, and we want to respect that and respect the diversity of opinion among Occupy Portland activists. Therefore we want to make clear that, as an organization, we are not taking a position on what Occupy Portland should or should not do about any particular issue. Our goal as an organization is to provide those Occupy Portland activists who request it information about the law that they can use to make their own decisions. That said, we do not attempt to control the opinions of our members, who may choose to express their individual opinions.

      One form of support we would like to offer is attempting to help individuals arrested for political activity related to Occupy Portland find legal counsel. Rather than setting criteria for what types of political activity do or don’t qualify for representation, our intent is to notify interested attorneys of requests for assistance. They will of course be free to accept or reject cases according to their own values and workloads.

  2. ani on October 14, 2011 at 9:52 am

    The occupiers arrested yesterday morning will be arraigned today, Friday, Oct. 14th, at 2 pm, at the Justice Center, at 1120 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR — court room 4. Time to practice solidarity. Show up to support them. Spread the word, please!

  3. Annette Keen on October 22, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Remember America’s respnse to inequities, lack of financial institutions’ conscience regarding economically sustainable culture. The Occupy Portland effort is divergent and therefore. Why ignore city ordinance re: public alcohol and drug use as well as publice inebriation? It is only a matter of time before the effort implodes. Spend inordinate amount of time during GA’s to address these and other concerns. The Portland police continue to display peaceful respect and/or effort to maintain peace. Consider negotiations with them for assist in the difficulties of the social situations that hold little value to the Occupy activism. A. Keen

  4. Jacques on October 24, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Solidarity from Occupy Tucson (Az.)

  5. I fought the law ... on November 12, 2011 at 9:37 am

    If you advance towards police with a dangerous weapon, the police WILL have justification to shoot and kill you!

    • I fought the law ... on November 12, 2011 at 9:51 am

      Please remember that it is the attorneys representing the families of individuals killed by police and they take those cases knowing full well that there will be a multimillion dollar $ettlement.

      If the local yokel attorneys really cared, they would file to prevent the law enforcement officer who unjustly kills from ever returning to law enforcement per Webster v. City of Houston 689 F. 2d 1220 – Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, 1982 (a United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals case)

      For more information see Free Link:

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Occupy Portland | Occupy Central on November 14, 2011 at 9:33 am

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