Q: I have documents/photos/footage that I don’t want to post on online but would like to give to Occupy Portland’s legal team. Where do I go?

A: We’ve set up a secure location with Occupy Labs here: MEDIA BASE. Your data will not be tracked.

Q: I am interested in volunteering with the movement, but not sure how. What should I do?

A: There are several ways to get involved:

1. jump right in by attending a General Assembly or a Spokescouncil meeting. Check out the Google calendar for more information about place and time. At these meetings you can meet established or establishing groups and get to know some of their members face to face!

2. fill out our online form. http://tinyurl.com/volunteer form We will contact you as we are able and when we know we might have something that you seem interested, based on your information, in doing

3. start your own Occupy group. Neighborhood groups are forming as we speak, spreading the conversation far and wide. Or, you could put together an Occupy street clean team, or a roving band of Occupy mimes, or you could walk around town occasionally yelling “Occupy” at the top of your voice. The possibilities are endless and, as long as you don’t embarrass yourself and the Movement (at least not too much) will go toward advancing the cause. Any participation is good!

Q: Who is Hella 503?

A: A: Hella 503 is an affinity group that demonstrates with Occupy Portland. They have participated in planning the December 12 ports shutdown.

Q: Who are the Occupy Portland facilitators?

A: Anybody!

The role of facilitator is performed by volunteers who are familiar with the General Assembly and Spokes Council processes. These volunteers comprise a Facilitation Team recognized and respected by the GA and SC bodies.

Q: Where can I get Occupy Portland stickers?

A: Come to our indoor location at SE 12th and Oak – St. Francis and pick up some stickers and buttons. All donations go to our General Fund.

Q: Where can I give food to Occupy Portland?

A: Please contact volunteers through email: opdxkitchen@gmail.com

Q: Where can I get Occupy Portland t-shirts?

A: You can’t. Occupy Portland doesn’t produce or sell t-shirts.

There were approximately 500 shirts given away at 12:01 am on November 13 to anybody present at the OccuFest. The shirts say “Occupy Portland / Occupy The World”. These shirts were printed by a member of the former finance committee and funded by cash donations to the information booth. The shirts were not produced for or approved by the General Assembly.

Currently there is another rogue door-to-door sweater seller who is not accountable to Occupy Portland.

Q: Does Occupy Portland have a parvo outbreak?

A: No. That was an unproven rumor.

Occupy Portland demonstrators have cooperated with Multnomah County Health Department personnel to screen animals for illness and disease.

Canine parvovirus has annual cycles that typically affect the most vulnerable animals, particularly those who are not vaccinated.

Q: Does Occupy Portland have a MRSA outbreak?

A: No. That was an unproven rumor.

The Multnomah County Health Department made regular inspections at the Occupy Portland demonstration site and never found actionable issues.

Q: Does Occupy Portland have a lice outbreak?

A: No. That was an unproven rumor.

The Multnomah County Health Department made regular inspections at the Occupy Portland demonstration site and never found actionable issues.

The rumor came from hidden camera video shot by a person who seeks to discredit Occupy Portland.

Q: How much damage did Occupy Portland do?

A: It’s not clear yet. The city has included at least $34,000 of maintenance backlogs at Lownsdale and Chapman squares in their total. Local media and Occupy Portland have requested that the city release additional details. A recently retired parks and recreation worker spoke out against the gross overestimate and in defense of Occupy Portland, stating that many of the costs were already on the “to-do” list of parks – read the press release.

Parks Bureau Announces Occupy Portland Cleanup Tab: $85,850

“The pre-occupation condition of the Lownsdale Square men’s restroom included nonfunctional lights and sinks, various human excretions on the floors, and heroin-abusing inhabitants. I hope [Parks Commissioner Nick] Fish intends the parks’ ‘restoration’ to surpass the previous status quo.”

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