International Human Rights Day

December 8, 2012

Monday, December 10th is International Human Rights Day and we sure got a line-up for you!! From healthcare to worker’s rights, austerity is hitting us all, and on this day we fight back!!

10:ooam R2D2 Rally and Press Conference

Members of Right 2 Dream Too and supporters will hold a press conference and rally at Portland City Hall at 10am on Monday, December 10, United Nations Human Rights Day. Right 2 Dream Too has maintained a self-sustaining rest area for people who are houseless at NW 4th and Burnside since October 2011. Even though the site provides emergency shelter to dozens of people every night at no cost to the City of Portland, the City’s Bureau of Development Services continues to fine the landowners for code violations related to recreational camping ordinance. After months of negotiations, testimony before City Council and public rallies there is still no resolution to the conflict between Right 2 Dream Too and the City.

R2D2 Facebook Event Page


11:45am Stand in Support of Grocery Workers

We call on Safeway, Albertsons & Fred Meyer to recognize the value, hard work and dignity of their employees. We Demand that all 3 employers do the right thing by their workers and settle a fair and just contract now. For more information contact 503-598-6324

Grocery Workers Facebook Event Page


3:30pm Rally and Press Conference to Stop ICE Holds

This is a follow up rally to pressure Sheriff Staton to stop using ICE holds. 3 year campaign. These ICE holds result in deportations of about 300,000 people a year nationally. The Multnomah County Sheriff is not responding to ACT for Dignity and Justice, the community coalition working to end law enforcement-ICE collaboration.

ICE Holds Facebook Event Page


5:00pm National Candlelight Vigil at Sen. Wyden’s Office

Join JwJ, the Oregon AFL-CIO, the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, Oregon action and Working America in a candlelight vigil to tell Senator Ron Wyden to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%, No cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, no cuts to vital services for low income people. Call Senator Wyden and tell him to oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and to end the Bus tax cuts for the richest 2%, 503-326-7525 or 202-224-5244.

National Vigil Facebook Event Page


7:00pm The Healthcare Movie

Produced by Canadian/American couple Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg and narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, this documentary reveals the public relations campaigns that have been prevalent in the United States since the early 1900′s to dissuade the American public from supporting national health care. It also shows the personal and emotional impact on Canadians who now have access to health care because of the heroism of people who took a stand to bring universal health care to Canada over 50 years ago.

Healthcare Movie Facebook Event Page

With so much going on this day, please come out and join the thousands that will be coming out to stand for human rights all over the world. Hope to see y’all out there!!