November 17, 2012

When: Thursday, November 22nd at 8pm

Where: Walmart on 82nd between Powell and Holgate, Portland, OR

Non-unionized Walmart workers across the nation are risking everything by striking on Black Friday.

Retail revenue is seasonal. Walmart cannot afford to lose the mindless consumer frenzy of Black Friday.

We will help the workers hold the line. November 23rd only ends one of two ways:

1) Either Walmart accedes to the demands of its workers, or…
2) We put Walmart out of business.On November 22nd and November 23rd, we will take direct action to empower workers, and reclaim our local economy.This Christmas, instead of cheap imported plastic crap, we give the gift of fair wages, healthcare, and dignity.Beyond that, we ask the community to not patronize Walmart — not on Black Friday, and not throughout this entire consumer holiday season.Together, we will stand with the workers, and shut down Walmart.

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Also, Overpass Light Brigade will be out on Tuesday night November 20th at 6pm on the Glisan bridge over 205 holding the sign WALKOUT ON WALMART. Come out and join in the fun!!
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