Save the Postal Service!! Hire Veterans!!

November 10, 2012

Monday, November 12th, Noon
(Federal Veteran’s Holiday)
Rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square, March to World Trade Center

Honor Veterans! Hire Veterans!
Restore Jobs! (109 letter carrier vacancies in Portland)
Promote “temps” to career positions!
Restore Service! No Closures! No Cuts!

Save Saturday Delivery & Door-to-Door Delivery
Save Community Post Offices & Sorting Plants
This fall, Congress will be making major decisions about the future of the Postal Service. With over 100 vacant Letter Carrier assignments in Portland, isn’t it time to honor our unemployed veterans by giving them a good job?

• The Postal Service offers veterans preference for employment. 25 % of USPS postal workers are military veterans.
• The Postmaster General closed 10% of the mail processing facilities this summer, eliminating 13,000 jobs. His POSt plan eliminates 14,000 rural postmaster jobs and contracts out 1,000 postal trucking jobs this fall. These cuts and closures put thousands of veterans out of work.
• The PMG and the House leadership support HR 2309.
• HR 2309 mandates the elimination of Saturday delivery at a cost of 80,000 jobs. HR2309 mandates the closing of thousands of post offices and other facilities, eliminating 200,000 jobs.
• All these cuts and closures would mean the loss of postal jobs for tens of thousands of veterans and close the door to postal employment for America’s men and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

No on HR 2309
(for more information: National Association of Letter Carriers 82, 503-493-5903)

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