N5 Press Conference for Bank Transfer Day

November 4, 2012

Occupy the Banks, the hosts for the Weekly Bank Actions, have joined forces with Oregon Banks Local and Main Street Alliance to put together a press conference on Bank Transfer Day. At 11am on Monday, November 5th, we will be in front of City Hall with speakers from organizations, small businesses and politicians. The speakers include Mayor Sam Adams, Jefferson Smith, Charlie Hales, Amanda Fritz and our own occupier Cameron Whitten. Please come out and show solidarity for getting money out of Wall Street and back on Main Street!! For more info on this event, check out our Facebook page and for more info on moving your money, go to oregonbankslocal.org. Hope to see everyone there!!

Engage OPDX

Community Assembly
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July 2, 7:00 pm

99 Unite Civic Forum
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July 21 7:00 pm

OPDX Office, 1131 SE Oak

OPDX Office

St. Francis, 1131 SE Oak
*Note: Office may be closed for events, lunch, emergencies

Please call: 971-258-1006
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