November 1, 2012

The Overpass Light Brigade PDX will be at the Alberta St Bridge over I-5 on Friday, November 2nd from 6-7pm. Then we will do a flyering bar hop down Mississippi Ave at 7pm. Come out and enjoy the fun!! If you missed out on the first one, let me just tell, it was a blast!! We need at least 20 people to help hold the letters and like 5 to relieve people if they get tired, so please come out and show some support. Last time we were short folks and could only do NO AUSTERITY. Let’s do the whole message this time!!

Engage OPDX

Community Assembly
What's this?

July 2, 7:00 pm

99 Unite Civic Forum
What's this?

July 21 7:00 pm

OPDX Office, 1131 SE Oak

OPDX Office

St. Francis, 1131 SE Oak
*Note: Office may be closed for events, lunch, emergencies

Please call: 971-258-1006
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