Rally and Vigil: Free Siddharta Fisher

October 26, 2012

Offer Our Community Safe Alternative Treatments to psycho-pharma drugs

FREE SIDDHARTA FISHER support his right to heal and recover from trauma

Monday, October 29th


Columbia River Mental Health Services
6926 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, Washington 98661-7369

(we need at least 35 friends to hold 35 life size candle props to shine a light on our broken mental health system)

Please Email or Call these 3 Directors Today and weekly through November 30, 2012 and tell them the following points:

253-291-6898 Laura Kelso Clinical Supervisor Western State Hospital…

1.Discharge Siddharta Fisher 2. offer trauma-informed and culturally sensitive care 3.train doctors in psychiatric drug withdrawal

360-693-3300 Lynn Samuels CEO Columbia River Mental Health

1.Drop the no trespassing charge against Cynthia Fisher 2.offer trauma-informedandculturally sensitive care 3.train doctors in psychiatric drug withdrawal

360-397-8222 Marc Bollinger Chief Clinical Director SW Washington Behavior Health marc.bollinger@clark.wa.gov

1. Drop the no-trespassing charge against Cynthia Fisher 2. Prioritize funding for alternative recovery programs such as

a.) peer respite homes b.) the Finnish Dialogue practice c). trauma informed and culturally sensitive care d.) psychiatric drug withdraw training for your staff
Siddharta Fisher’s mother, Cindi Fisher, says“Sidd has been medicated on the maximum dose of an extremely potent form of respirdal, a neuroleptic drug, for over 8 months. He has experienced severe side effects from the medication including insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure and a huge mass growing on his thyroid. She has continually requested low or no dose drugs coupled with trauma-informed and culturally sensitive care. She is very frustrated and concerned that his traumas have NOT been addressed in this last 8 months of “treatment” or prior hospitalizations; nor by the local mental health systems over many years. Research shows that such compassionate person centered trauma-informed care, could avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. These alternatives need to be offered by the community mental health programs, and the hospital, instead of over-emphasis on psycho-pharmaceutical drugs and forced hospitalizations”

Tuesday, October 17, 2012, after several weeks of being continually detained, even though eligible for discharge, Siddharta Fisher, 35, walked away from Western State Hospital (WSH) without their permission. He tasted a week of freedom during which he played his guitar, played on his computer, took long walks to the bus stop, cooked, and laughed a lot, before he was picked up by authorities and transported back to WSH Tuesday October 24, 2012(see MentalHealthRightsYES.org for more info on Siddharta‘s story)

Siddharta’s discharge from Western State Hospital was delayed several weeks because he was unfairly denied housing at Columbia River Mental Health’s living facility in his hometown Vancouver WA. He was denied because of an unjust no-trespassing order against his mother Cynthia Fisher (read about the no trespass charge at MentalHealthRightsYES.org)This delay and the denial of a weekend pass after being confined for over 8 months, led to his walk to freedom.
He says to tell you,”My time was up, I didn’t mess up, I want to go home, treatment here is to blame and shame you.”
See MentalHealthRightsYES.org for more info on Siddharta‘s story and soon to be posted 10 Vancouver tragedies involving mental health system failures…

Please let me know when you called or emailed: Contact Cindi Fisher 360-254-8703 or TheMOMSmovement@gmail.com

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