EMERGENCY: Stop The Eviction Of Alicia Jackson

October 24, 2012
As you know, since she reclaimed her house on May 1, 2012, Alicia Jackson has been engaged in a battle with the city of Portland to get her water turned on.  On September 6th, Alicia participated in a hearing with the city and presented evidence to them clarifying that she is in a legal land dispute with the bank over ownership of her property.  The city indicated they would give 30 days notice on whether they would issue a vacate order to Alicia because the water had not been turned on.  Although it’s the city that refuses to turn the water on, they have issued that vacate order effective tonight at midnight.  This means they will send police to evict Alicia and board up her house!
We have to fight this racist and immoral action on the part of the city.  We are having a press conference at 7am tomorrow morning at Alicia’s house.  We are calling on you as community members to come to Alicia’s and camp out there for a few days to demonstrate to the city that the citizens disagree with their strong-arm tactics and demand they simply turn the water on and leave Alicia alone.
Facebook event page
We also asking select people to camp out tonight as of about 11pm to protect the property until the morning when the rest of you will arrive.  We knew this day was coming and now its here!  But we aren’t going to run with our tails between our legs.  We’re going to fight back.  Will you stand with us?
If you are with us, than please come out tomorrow morning at 7am to 523 N.E. Bryant and be a part of this effort to fight against the city working on behalf of the banks!