October 6th & 7th: Occupy Portland!! Not Afghanistan!!

October 2, 2012

October 6th marks the one year anniversary of Occupy Portland rising up to expose the economic inequalities in our country and our world, and to demand that people take precedent over profit. October 7th marks eleven years since the US invasion and continued occupation of Afghanistan. To mark these historic events, the Peace Network and Occupy Portland will be hosting the Occupy Portland, Not Afghanistan two-day event. We come together to demand an end to wars and military occupations; money for jobs, education, health care, housing and the environment, not war; the restoration of constitutional rights and the importance of main street, not wall street!

On Saturday October 6th we will gather at noon in Shemanski park (South Park blocks at Salmon) for a rally and march. Speakers for the rally include Saba Ahmed, Carol Urner, Brian Wilson and Ahjamu Umi, among others. We will also celebrate with music from General Strike, Patchwork Family, Keith Baich, Mo Mack and the Raging Grannies!

Then on Sunday October 7th, there will be teach-ins and workshops conducted at PCC Cascade (North Killingsworth and Albina) starting at noon with a panel discussion by Brian Wilson, Saba Ahmed, Sami Alloy, Steve Goldberg and Ahjamu Umi.

The teach-ins and workshops include:

1:30pm – 3pm:

PCC Peace and Conflict: The Imposition of Order Through Violence: The U.S. in the Muslim World
Freedom Socialist Party: Alternatives to Capitalism and War
KBOO: Peak Oil & Empire
War Resisters League: War Tax Resistance 101
Occupy Portland/People’s Budget Project: Where’s the Money?

3:30pm – 5pm

WILPF: End Wars and Occupations – No Nukes! No Drones!
Radical Women: To Defend Afghan Women, End The War
KBOO: The Surveillance Security State
Cascadia: Cascadia Bioregion/Free Cascadia
AFSC: Non-Violent Conflict Resolution/Building an Anti-war curriculum

Non-perishable food donations will be collected at the PCC Cascade event to benefit Right 2 Dream Too and Sisters of the Road.

Food will be served at the teach-in! So come out to participate in a weekend of actions endorsed and co-sponsored by more than 50 organizations!


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