Hey Portland: Need a Ride to Wall Street for Sept. 17th?

August 26, 2012

If you’re interested in being at Occupy Wall Street on September 17th then get on the bus! Send an email to p91fun@yahoo.com and state how long you’re able to be gone for as travel times have not been secured yet. Do not simply reply with “I want to be on the bus” as this does not help organizing a bus. Estimates of travel time are 5 days to New York, 4-5 days at Occupy Wall St and 5 days return to Portland. That means you’ll likely be gone for 15 days. Thank the Nurse’s Union for being awesome and paying for buses.

Facebook: Occupy Transportation to OWS NW S17

Confirmed information as posted on the facebook page:

  • Bus is not guaranteed.

If bus does happen…..

  • Bus trip will a number of days, round trip estimated from previous experience with NU providing buses is around 5 days there 5 back, being at OWS for 4 to 5 days. NU will let us know after we secure the numbers going.
  • We need to have a very accurate count of those than can surely attend because of the cost, paid for by the Nurses Union. Their concern is because Nato cost 100K and some seat were not filled from west coast.
  • We all may have to help convince the Nurses union that we mean to go by giving a 5 dollar donation to secure a seat (If you can’t find 5 dollars to get a round trip ride across country then…) I will help anyone figure out how to raise money if need be.

So if you cannot go please let Jessica or me know and we will remove you from page, for a few days so we can have an accurate count, you can rejoin after we figure who is going and when, if we can convince NU that we know who is going and will not change their mind. Smile.
Also for those interested in going, OWS has created this handy guide:


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