Thurs. May 3rd 12PM- CRC’s Crowd Control Workgroup Meeting

May 2, 2012

A Message from Portland Copwatch

It looks as though the Citizen Review Committee is moving quickly to start its new Work Groups; after Tuesday’s Use of Deadly Force work group, then Wednesday’s CRC general meeting (agenda still hasn’t arrived), on Thursday next week they will hold the first meeting of their Crowd Control work group. It is open to the public. I should note that CRC Chair Jamie Troy’s office at NE 42nd and Sandy isn’t very large, but it could prompt them to find a larger meeting space if plenty of people showed up.

They were moved to start this group (after having it sitting in their “tracking list” for years) after hearing all the tesimony from Occupy Portland folks at their last public forum.

–dan handelman
portland copwatch

And here’s a couple of videos of Portland’s Police in full shame.