Apr. 27, 8AM: Support Rally for Don

April 21, 2012

Support Rally for Don, April 27, 8am
Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Ave

Don’s trial date will be set at 9am on Friday, the 27th. Don would like
folks who are rallying to support him to show up there at 8am. At this
appearance his trial date will be set, possibly for a date as soon as
Monday, the 30th.

Don is one of the few people arrested at an Occupy Portland event being
charged with a felony. He insists he is innocent and that witnesses will
support his claim. He wants a trial. He was arrested after the march in
solidarity with Oakland, on November 2nd.

Don would appreciate community support. Please come if you can to a rally
outside the courthouse to stand in solidarity and support for Don.


—–From Webteam: Apologies to Jonathan Zook for not posting the rally information for 4/20. If anyone has important information to get onto the website that is an Occupy Portland event or in solidarity with Occupy Portland, please email the webteam. webteam(AT)occupyportland.org. Please use the subject line: POST:(event name)

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