Feb. 29: Shut Down the Corporations

January 5, 2012

The Portland Action Lab invites you to Shut Down the Corporations!

We are rejecting a society that does not allow us control of our future. We will reclaim our ability to shape our world in a democratic, cooperative, just and sustainable direction. There has been a theft by the 1% of our democratic ability to shape and form the society in which we live and our society is steered toward the destructive pursuit of consumption, profit and greed at the expense of all else. By shutting down the corporations for a day we begin to recreate our democracy. We begin to create a society that is organized to meet human needs and sustain life.

Join us in planning this action. Our next meeting is Wednesday (1/11) at 6:00 at the First Unitarian Church. Visit www.portlandactionlab.org for more information. The Action Lab is a spokes council organizing large direct actions within the Occupy Portland movement.